9 Ways Unified Communications Improves Business Outcomes

Save yourself from your inbox and pinging devices with tools for Unified Communications. Business communications used to be slow and […]

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Save yourself from your inbox and pinging devices with tools for Unified Communications.

Business communications used to be slow and complicated. 

Things have improved, but there’s room for more improvement because now we’re overwhelmed. 

Dozens, if not hundreds, of emails fill your inbox every day. Notifications disrupt your desktop computer and phone, along with text messages. And your devices endlessly ring. 

You’re not alone if this sounds familiar. 

Most of us feel like we work for our devices and not the other way around. The constant disruptions make getting work done difficult. And in today’s workplace, we’re tasked with maintaining perpetual productivity, often despite the technology we use. 

But this doesn’t have to be your reality. 



Unified Communications and collaboration tools make work easy. They efficiently connect us with coworkers, partners, and clients, often from one platform you can access across devices. 

UC integrates video, voice, instant messaging, and even social media platforms to improve business performance. We’ll explain more below.

Keep reading for a list of nine benefits to your organization through Unified Communications. 

Better Collaboration

Unified Communications bring people together, no matter where they are, so that businesses can enhance cross-departmental teamwork and collaboration.  

Your organization wins when teams and departments are on the same page. Take, for example, your sales and marketing departments. When sales can talk directly with marketing, they can communicate better (and faster) with leads. And your marketers can use real-time insights from sales to improve campaigns. 

Improved Mobility

Unified Communications allow employees to work from anywhere at any time. And as businesses become more dispersed because of remote work and globalization, these collaborative solutions ensure companies can quickly respond to customer (and employee) needs. In our new on-demand world, you can’t afford to react slowly to business requirements. 

A Better Customer Experience

UC lets employees connect with customers and partners through any channel, no matter where they are. For example, UC-enabled contact centers can deliver intelligent contact routing, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration, and multichannel contact management via an IP infrastructure. The technology helps contact center employees direct customer emails, calls, and chat requests to the right representative. 


UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is perfect for businesses that might have to downsize or expand rapidly. You have complete control and can remove or add features to your cloud package as your needs change. UC Scalability is especially helpful for businesses with trends in seasonal performance. You can quickly expand – or reduce – UCaaS users when you need to.  

Organizational Agility

UC helps your employees quickly contact the right people and improves productivity companywide. Because when employees and teams collaborate in real-time, your company, as a whole, becomes more agile. 

Cost Savings

Unified Communications is right for every business, regardless of size. And implementing UC can help you save money. 

The ROI of UC outweighs your initial investment. You rid yourself of the costs of using (and managing) multiple communication platforms. Unified Communications isn’t an employee luxury; it’s a sound financial decision that improves productivity and saves time and money – money you can reinvest in other business areas. 

Improved Employee Productivity

UC has the most significant impact on individual employee productivity. Presence is the crucial motivation for internal communication because it allows people to view a co-worker’s real-time status. 

Workers can see a coworker’s location and find out if they are free to chat or already on a call. Also, UC technology nearly eliminates wasted time and gives employees the ability to work remotely without disruption. 

Our desks are one of many locations where work can get done. Unified Communications centers around the end-users place, as opposed to their desk phone’s location.  

Improved Team Productivity

Effective communication is crucial for employees working in teams. And with decentralized operations and geographically dispersed workforces, today’s teams rarely meet in person. Team chat and file sharing applications let employees communicate effectively in groups that work in different time zones and locations. 

UC also offers a consistent cross-platform employee experience – everyone uses the same application on their mobile devices, desktop, and laptops. It’s another feature that helps employees work together in real-time no matter where they are. 

Here’s another great UC feature – it’s always available. Employees can have ad hoc meetings without issue. Conventional conferencing systems require people to reserve virtual meeting rooms, which isn’t ideal for today’s work environments where people prefer informal collaboration. 

Enhanced Business Continuity 

Unified Communications ensures your business doesn’t skip a beat when disaster strikes. The pandemic is a perfect example. Companies that implemented remote work policies and collaboration technologies pre-lockdown didn’t experience business disruptions once their employees were at home. 

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