Carli Luhrs, MBA, SWP

Director Of Human Capital Strategy

Carli Luhrs is the Director of Human Capital Strategy, striking the delicate balance between optimized costs and top-talent acquisition. She has standardized a recruitment acquisition strategy, while executing organizational alignment and strategic workforce planning, to align to the company’s business strategy for continued business growth and sustainability. Carli has also implemented a companywide LMS training while executing a performance management system with real-time analytics.  In addition, Carli applied a comprehensive benefit and compensation framework, leading to enhanced efficiency within the company.

Carli has her MBA in International Business from St. Mary’s Twickenham, London and has earned many accolades including;

  • 2018 Most Powerful Women of the Channel
  • Certified in Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)
  • Certified in Post-Merger Integration (CPMI)

Over the past year, Carli’s role has focused on closing a merger, acquiring additional talent and resources, whilst also expanding the company’s national presence.

“My real joy and passion is to mentor, equip, and empower the next generation of people, specifically women, which is the legacy I want to leave behind.”