Sarah Sample-Reif

CSO, Healthcare

Sarah Sample-Reif is revolutionizing healthcare through technology as Zivaro’s Chief Strategy Officer. With a keen eye for emerging market trends and deep expertise in healthcare IT, Sarah guides Zivaro’s strategic direction and drives the company’s healthcare technology capabilities to new heights. Her work is fueled by an innate curiosity and a commitment to innovation, ensuring Zivaro’s solutions consistently exceed the evolving demands of healthcare providers.

Sarah’s leadership extends beyond Zivaro; she’s the Past President of Colorado HIMSS (CHIMSS), where her influence shapes the broader healthcare information management system landscape. She’s not just overseeing Zivaro’s healthcare business development; she’s actively forging and nurturing client relationships, tailoring go-to-market plans, and leading her team to deliver high-impact solutions. Sarah is recognized as a visionary leader whose contributions have notably advanced healthcare technology. For an in-depth look at her leadership style and achievements, read more in her feature as a Top 10 Inspiring Women Leader of 2022 here.

3900 E Mexico Avenue, Suite 1000,
Denver, CO 80210