Advanced eClinicalWorks Cloud Platform, OneHealthEQ, And Mosaic Health

As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) based in Rochester NY, Mosaic faced challenges with their Electronic Medical records system, eClinicalWorks. eCW is an EMR or EHR solution, that manages all aspects of patient care. They were experiencing outages, downtime and hardware price increases. Mosaic needed to get back to focusing on patient care and […]

Drone Data Management Use Case – US Department of Interior

Executive Summary The usefulness and insight that data bring to analytics and decision support is growing at a rapid pace across all major infrastructure vertical markets. The ever-increasing amounts of data being collected has made managing, integrating, and interpreting them to derive meaningful and relevant insights seemingly impossible.  The is especially true with new forms […]

Splunk 6.5 Upgrades Core Platform User Experience

Can you remember the last time you got to experience the wonderful world of Disney without the screaming shroud of thousands upon thousands of little humans ogling over a talking mouse or some variant of a princess? All this while thinking to yourself, “If anything were to embody the definition of controlled frustration, it would […]

Change Management is Critical to the Success of Big Data Initiatives

Every day, we hear of a new success story related to Big Data. Yet, there could be even more success stories. Gartner Research has predicted that through 2017, 60 percent of Big Data projects will fail to go beyond piloting and experimentation and will be abandoned. According to Lisa Kart, research director at Gartner, “…a successful […]

Applying the Moneyball Approach to Medicine

“In disciplines as disparate as baseball, financial services, trucking and retail, people are realizing the power of data to help make better decisions. Medicine is just beginning to explore this opportunity, but it faces many of the same barriers that existed in those other sectors – deeply held traditions, monolithic organizational and operational structures, and […]

Getting Even More Data In: Splunking Outside the Box

In the last couple posts on this topic, Micah Montgomery gave an overview of getting data into Splunk, and Scott DeMoss gave an overview of getting data out of Splunk. In this post, I am going to go “outside the box” and cover how to use Splunk scripted inputs to get data from atypical sources […]

Going Beyond Security with Machine Data and Splunk ITSI

With all the focus and “hubbub” on network and data security, it becomes very easy for any organization to view a tool like Splunk as solely a security platform. Why wouldn’t they? The Splunk Enterprise Security platform, as well as the newer User Behavior Analytics (UBA) engine, can drastically increase any organization’s overall security posture, […]

Using Splunk Scripted Inputs beyond Data Collection

On April 18, 2016 Splunk announced that the default root certificate used in pre-6.3 Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Light and Hunk will expire on July 21, 2016. As a result, these instances will no longer be able to communicate with each other after July 21. This Product Advisory only applies to pre-6.3 versions of Splunk. The […]

Learn How to Mine Gold from Machine Data at Denver Big Data Analytics Day

When companies think of Big Data, they often think of mining customer databases for tidbits of information that will help them personalize and improve the customer experience. While this is one area where data mining has shown value, there are other less “glamorous” datasets that can also benefit the organization. Machine data is one such […]

Insight Out: The Fundamentals of Using Data in Splunk

In the last post on this topic, my fellow Splunk architect, Micah Montgomery, gave an overview of one of the most important parts of getting going with Splunk: Getting Data In. He outlined a basic process and framework to follow when you need to successfully get data into Splunk so that you can make that […]

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