Top 5 Most Popular Technical Blog Posts of 2016

It’s been an exciting year in enterprise technology, and we’ve covered much of it on the GTRI blog, including significant releases from vendors like Cisco and Splunk, and topics such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), DevOps, IPv6, and Security. Below you’ll find our five most popular technical blog posts of 2016. Visit the GTRI blog for […]

Pervasive Monitoring and DNS Privacy (Part 2)

In the previous blog on DNS privacy, we covered how the current DNS does not provide for any confidentiality of queries or responses. Pervasive Monitoring (PM) of clear-text DNS messages can reveal a great deal about a client. With a heightened awareness of Pervasive Monitoring, there is a sincere desire to preserve user’s personal privacy […]

Pervasive Monitoring and DNS Privacy (Part 1)

Pervasive Monitoring (PM) of data networking traffic is not only performed by governments, but corporations wanting to inspect the behavior of employees or customers. The goal of network traffic monitoring can be benevolent. Organizations may want to detect malicious behavior to combat malware, identify insider threats, and prevent against criminal behavior. Unfortunately, the goal of […]

Securing Open DNS Resolvers Against Denial of Service Attacks

The Domain Name System (DNS) has been the target of many types of attacks in recent years. Authoritative DNS servers are exposed to the Internet and generally allow queries from all IP addresses. However, DNS resolvers are typically internal to an organization and allow queries only from the internal clients they serve. DNS resolvers that […]

Improved TLS / SSL Security with DANE

You may be familiar with the benefits of using DNSSEC to provide authentication and integrity for your DNS information.  DNSSEC is a lot like dental floss: we all know that it is good for our health, but few enterprise organizations actually put forth the effort to implement the best practice.  If organizations do not use […]

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