The future of cloud computing in healthcare

It’s a common sight in hospitals and clinics, clinicians rushing to their next appointment with laptops or tablets in their arms, then spending most of their office visits typing your patient data into a slim computer. Long gone are the rows of file cabinets and walls of bulging paper folders, holding your health records. You’ve […]

GTRI Participates in CEO Exchange for Healthcare Leaders

Trust, ingenuity and diligence. These three qualities held center court at the HealthLeaders Media CEO Exchange, September 21-23 in Virginia. During breakout sessions and panels, healthcare leaders from around the country explored various aspects of these qualities and how they relate to the challenges facing healthcare organizations.

Applying the Moneyball Approach to Medicine

“In disciplines as disparate as baseball, financial services, trucking and retail, people are realizing the power of data to help make better decisions. Medicine is just beginning to explore this opportunity, but it faces many of the same barriers that existed in those other sectors – deeply held traditions, monolithic organizational and operational structures, and […]

New GTRI Healthcare Advisory Committee to Discuss Alarm Fatigue

Healthcare clinician alarm fatigue is one of the top 10 health technology hazards according to ECRI Institute. When an alarm/alert sounds on a medical device in a clinical setting, clinicians are trained to respond immediately. Yet the proliferation of medical devices used in hospitals and other care facilities can equate to hundreds of alarms being […]

New User Group for Healthcare Technology Professionals in Denver

I’m very excited to announce a new opportunity for healthcare technology professionals in the Denver area to meet and collaborate! GTRI’s new Healthcare User Group meetup will provide a shared space for technologists and health professionals to discuss industry challenges around topics such as wireless in healthcare, bring your own device (BYOD), electronic medical records […]

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