When Will We Stop Using IPv4?

When someone first starts learning about IPv6 they quickly come to understand that an IPv4-only node cannot communicate with an IPv6-only node and that dual-stack is the dominant transition method.  Now, six years after World IPv6 Launch, there is a growing amount of IPv6 traffic on the Internet and in the next few years we might observe IPv6 Internet […]

Why Your DNS Infrastructure Should Support Dual-Protocol

In this installment of the Infoblox IPv6 Center of Excellence (COE) blog series, we will examine why organizations should make their public authoritative nameservers communicate using both IPv4 and IPv6.  This has been the advice of experienced network architects for many years, but others may not be aware of why this would be an advantageous […]

World IPv6 Launch: Six Years Later

June 6, 2018 marks the 6-year anniversary of what is known as World IPv6 Launch.  This event, which was coordinated by the Internet Society (ISOC), took place on June 6, 2012. On that date, many of the large content providers permanently enabled IPv6 on their primary web sites.  Content providers such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, […]

Does Your Certificate Authority (CA) Support IPv6?

IPv6 adoption has been growing exponentially and the protocol is now supported in all modern operating systems and by many carriers.  It used to be that cloud service providers lacked IPv6 connectivity, but now Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure have solid IPv6 connectivity and configurability.  CDN providers have also deployed IPv6 for their accelerated and […]

Last Network Standing: Your Life as an IPv6 Laggard

Imagine yourself in a future world where networked technology is fully integrated into our daily lives and self-driving cars are commonplace.  Most networks are wireless and almost all enterprise corporate applications are cloud-based.  IPv6 is now widely deployed across the Internet and in private networks, yet there are still traces of legacy IPv4.

IPv6 Geolocation: Challenges and Solutions

Human nature makes us curious to know where we are located within the World Wide Web.  We are also curious about where within the global Internet the person we are communicating is connected.  We could use this information to make security decisions to allow or block connections.  When it comes to geolocation, accuracy is paramount, […]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying About IPv4’s Limitation and Love IPv6

If you remember back before the Internet was a “thing,” first of all don’t tell anyone – you’ll really date yourself. Seriously, for those of us who witnessed the birth of the “World Wide Web” and the phenomenal growth of the Internet, it’s hard to believe that we’ve exceeded the capacity of the original IPv4 […]

Where to Start Deploying IPv6 in the Enterprise

One of the common questions that often gets asked shortly after some introductory IPv6 training is “Where do I start deploying IPv6?”  In the early years of IPv6’s adoption there were debates about how IPv6 should be deployed in enterprise networks.  Should organizations start to deploy IPv6 at the core and then work their way […]

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