Admins, Don’t “Default” on Your Security Obligations

Any network administrator worth his/her salt knows to change the default password on a router during its initial configuration, or you leave your network open to outside attack. Fortunately, these passwords are easy enough to change. But there’s another potential path to attack that many admins don’t address. It’s not so easy to mitigate, but […]

IPv6 Geolocation: Challenges and Solutions

Human nature makes us curious to know where we are located within the World Wide Web.  We are also curious about where within the global Internet the person we are communicating is connected.  We could use this information to make security decisions to allow or block connections.  When it comes to geolocation, accuracy is paramount, […]

2017 Technology Predictions: Networking and Security

It seems that every year holiday decorations appear in the store earlier than the year before. I’ve noticed the same trend with prediction posts. I saw a few in early November this year; I imagine next year we might see some as a precursor to Halloween. Personally, I prefer to savor everything in its own […]

The Smart Home Security Concern You Haven’t Considered

Last year, Gartner predicted that consumers were on track to activate 5.5 million Internet of Things (IoT) devices per day. Along with smartphones, smart watches and smart cars, we now have the ability to employ “smart home” devices that control home lighting, temperature, security, appliances and more. According to Machina Research, there are now at […]

GTRI Partner, Wombat Security Technologies, Named Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Earlier this year, GTRI partnered with Wombat Security Technologies, to provide our clients with cyber security awareness training that helps employees avoid phishing scams and other security risks. We believe that Wombat’s knowledge assessments, simulated attacks, and interactive training modules make them a valuable asset in the battle against insider threats. It seems that Gartner […]

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