Admins, Don’t “Default” on Your Security Obligations

Any network administrator worth his/her salt knows to change the default password on a router during its initial configuration, or you leave your network open to outside attack. Fortunately, these passwords are easy enough to change. But there’s another potential path to attack that many admins don’t address. It’s not so easy to mitigate, but […]

Collaboration Solutions: Meet Cisco Meeting Server

In this fast-paced business environment people sometimes struggle to find a “place” to meet, to collaborate, to get together and work out the details. In the “real” world we have conference rooms and huddle rooms, break rooms and lobbies. But in the virtualized world finding a suitable meeting place becomes harder to accomplish. Vendors such […]

Organizational Security Highlighted at GTRI’s Annual Sales Kickoff

Last week GTRI held its annual sales kickoff meeting in Denver, and I wanted to share some of my observations from the event.  First, it’s important to understand that GTRI’s kickoff is no ordinary sales meeting.  In fact, it felt more like an industry conference complete with multiple tracks of educational sessions, a partner fair, […]

Clos Networks: Back in the Data Center

Ever notice how certain fashions go out of style but then come back again, whether or not you want them to (I’m looking at you, parachute pants). Actually, the same thing happens in IT, as it’s not uncommon for a technology to fade away but then come back as a modified, upgraded version.

Why Today’s IT Admins need to be Data Center Superstars

The IT industry is in a time of transition, and many IT employees are finding they must adapt or be left behind. It’s no longer enough to know the server OS inside and out, or to be an IP routing guru. Today’s IT admins must become masters of many talents – superstars, if you will […]

Improved Network Security through DNS Inspection (Pt. 1)

Virtually all networked applications use Internet Protocol (IP) communications and rely extensively on the Domain Name System (DNS) to determine the IP address to connect. DNS provides the mapping of human-readable fully-qualified host names to IP addresses. If you inspect the DNS queries taking place over a network you can gain an understanding of which […]

Splunk with Hadoop: Three Ways to Play

With Splunk’s recent announcement of Hunk (Hadoop and Splunk), lots of customers are wondering exactly how these two leading big data platforms can work together.  From a Splunk perspective, there are actually three ways to integrate with Hadoop.  In this post I’ll quickly discuss all three and give you plenty of links to additional resources […]

Using Dual Protocol for SIEMs Evasion

Attackers using IPv4 and IPv6 can avoid detection by IPS, SIEMs, reputation filtering, and more It is just a fact of life that attackers and defenders are now operating in a dual-protocol world. With the addition of IPv6, attackers are learning new tricks and defenders will need to anticipate and protect against those new attacks. […]

Five Cyber Security Tips for Computer and Online Safety

It’s October and that means National Cyber Security Awareness Month is upon us. What better time for some quick tips to make yourself more secure online? I decided to pull together the top five recommendations I often find myself giving to family and friends in hopes you will find them useful as well.

Splunk Boot Camps

Here at GTRI and we have had the pleasure of hosting multiple Splunk Boot Camps, informative sessions that help anyone interested in how to work with Splunk software to manage their data.  Multiple Splunk Boot Camps happen here at GTRI and all over the US every month.  Attending these boot camps can be important, it’s […]

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