Beyond Virtualization: VMware Brings the Cloud to VMworld 2016

I had the opportunity to attend VMworld 2016, hosted for the first time since 2011 in Las Vegas (the last four events were in San Francisco). It being my first go-around with VMworld I didn’t quite realize how big and popular the annual tech meet is. With 23,000 attendees, it comes close to Cisco Live, […]

Lessons from DockerCon 2016

I recently spent two days in Seattle at DockerCon 2016. The event was not only for software developers, but also those from the worlds of DevOps, operations and system administration. For me, Docker is a new technology so my goal was really about learning and understanding what Docker is all about. (If you’re not familiar […]

Improve Your Virtual Environment with a vSphere Optimization Assessment

Do you know how well your virtual infrastructure is functioning? Many companies don’t have a good understanding of virtual machine utilization, whether or not a machine is overprovisioned, or how to identify bottlenecks. As a result, they may be suffering from VM performance issues, struggling with troubleshooting, or even putting off updates due to resource […]

VMworld 2015 Action Review

This week was VMworld 2015, VMware’s annual worldwide conference that brings together VMware experts with the customer and partner communities. This year’s U.S.-based conference was held at the Moscone Center convention center in downtown San Francisco starting on Saturday, August 28 and running through Thursday, September 3.

Transitioning to a Hybrid Cloud Environment with vCloud Air

According to a recent State of the Cloud Survey(1), 74% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy and more than half of those are already using both public and private cloud.  It’s no secret why. The advantages of a combined on-premises and cloud-based data center are just too extensive to pass up. Using the cloud […]

Think You Don’t Need GPUs in the Datacenter? Think Again

I will admit it. Three years ago… scratch that… LAST year even, I was someone who was struggling to see a mainstream fit for a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in the datacenter, beyond places like Pixar and Dreamworks. It always seemed to me that just getting proper network access to data and applications was a […]

Take Control of Your Virtualized Environment: VMware vSphere with Operations Management

Virtualization is more prevalent than ever today with many organizations having now fully adopted a “virtualize first” policy for server deployment. With this shift from physical to virtual, IT admins have discovered new challenges related to managing their infrastructure effectively. VM-sprawl, orphaned VM’s, a lack of accessible performance data, and a host of other problems […]

Citrix Synergy 2014 Recap: Part 4, Presentations and Purpose

In this final part of my Citrix Synergy 2014 recap, I will combine the last of my five “Ps” into one post: Presentations and Purpose. On the surface they may appear separate, but my experience at Synergy proved that they tie into each other.

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