Webinar - Financial & Operational Success with Cisco Enterprise Agreements

Learn how to leverage Cisco Enterprise Agreements

Available date

Thursday December 8th | 11 am MST, 12 pm CST, 1 pm ET

Time to uncomplicate with
Cisco Enterprise Agreements

Larger Cisco clients invest hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars on Cisco Systems technology spanning Collaboration, Data Center, Networking and Security to run critical parts of their business. The Cisco ‘estate’ of IT infrastructure is often one of the largest expenditures an organization makes with their IT budget.

Inherently, IT investment decisions are made from different business groups at different points in time, creating additional and repetitive administrative burdens with technical evaluation, procurement, acquisition, implementation, license management and ongoing visibility.

The results — administrative labor hours are invisible and exponential, deployment times drag, and business capabilities suffer.


By leveraging Cisco Enterprise Agreements, organizations can

Simplify the Buying Cycle

  • Aggregate multiple technology cycles into one purchase
  • Control the SW license estate through one platform
  • Add or change license mixture without another buying cycle

Simplify Software Consumption

  • True-Forwarding: no retroactive billing
  • Access to New Software Capabilities
  • Growth Allowance – expand without penalty
  • Deploy technologies on demand when you are ready

Simplify Management & Visibility

  • Financial peace-of-mind – budgeting predictability
  • Deploy SW licenses from a single unified platform
  • Co-terminate SW license dates for straightforward future refreshes
  • Leverage tools like Cisco SecureX to enhance orchestration and problem resolution

Meet the Speakers

Ryan Bursey

Zivaro Customer Success Director

Ryan has been with Zivaro for 10+ years in a variety of customer-facing engineering and customer experience roles. He has spent the last 3 years strategizing and leading Zivaro’s customer success practice with an emphasis on the Cisco Systems portfolio of software solutions.

Mike Downs

Cisco Customer Success Consultant

Mike has spent the past 6+ years working as a consultant to Cisco’s customer success organization, leading over 2500 workshops across the globe focused on creating business value from technology adoption. As a former sales leader within Cisco, Mike’s knowledge is invaluable for customers looking to maximize their own value creation from their technology spend.

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