Illuminate your journey to the cloud with Zivaro.

Businesses today are achieving more with the cloud. But finding the right partner to help your company navigate the path to the cloud is a challenge. There’s a lengthy list of factors to consider—security, infrastructure to depreciate, scalability, elasticity, reliability, resiliency and speed to deployment. All are considerations and, despite what you may have heard, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Starting with the right partner, the right strategy and the proper assistance, is the difference between success or failure in your cloud migration—because even the right plan with the wrong assistance can spell out disaster.

Our consultative process, cloud workshops and commitment to providing customers with the best cloud solution for their individualized needs are what makes Zivaro the illuminated leader. We factor in all aspects of your business.  Everything from current financial needs to growth expectations to marketing initiatives and existing technology. We take this approach because your journey to the cloud is a business decision with a technical answer—not a technology decision in and of itself.

Let Zivaro be your guide to brilliance in the cloud—we take the complexity, obstacles and confusion out of the way and illuminate your journey to accelerated business outcomes.

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Why cloud—why Zivaro?

  • Our holistic approach maps your cloud migration strategy to align with critical business functions while minimizing disruption.
  • We build cost efficiency into your cloud strategy to optimize spend from the get-go.
  • Zivaro guides your business or agency to the ideal cloud consumption model based on organizational functions—hybrid, public, private, or multi-cloud.
  • With Zivaro’s guidance, you’ll avoid the potential pitfalls of cloud ‘lock-in’.
  • Zivaro crafts a cloud exit strategy for your business or agency to avoid egress and other unpredictable fees if it becomes necessary to make a change.
  • Zivaro will work with your business or agency to determine if—from a financial standpoint—it makes sense to migrate nothing, something, or everything to the cloud.
  • Our consultative process will determine the advantages or drawbacks related to your cloud migration before it begins.
  • Zivaro’s Identity Access Management (IAM) resources allow you to manage data access effectively, to enable the right individuals to access appropriate data at the right time, for the right reasons, and from the right places.
  • Zivaro accelerates digital transformation for your business or agency by integrating data management across cloud and on-premises resources.
  • Accelerate DevOps for your organization by leveraging Zivaro’s team of experts and resources.
  • Realize enhanced business continuity in the case of disaster with Zivaro at the helm of your cloud.
  • Using protocols and best practices outlined by the Cloud Security Alliance and FedRAMP, we build security into your cloud from the beginning, reducing your risk profile and cost of mitigation.
  • Earn the competitive advantage of pipeline automation and orchestration with cloud solutions powered by Zivaro.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Create velocity for application development, performance, and business execution with an intelligent, automated infrastructure, whether it is in the cloud, on-premise or a combination of both.

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Managed AWS

As an AWS advanced consulting partner, Zivaro is an expert in cloud infrastructure application and migration, offering proactive management, automation and monitoring of your environment

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AWS Marketplace

Gain access to a digital catalog with an array of software listings from independent vendors. Find, test, purchase and deploy software powered by AWS and managed by Zivaro.

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Cloud Security

Protect your applications and data in the cloud using a network infrastructure with security embedded at the core.

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  • Government
  • Water and Wastewater Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Engineering and Business Services
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Oil and Gas Refineries
  • Oil and Gas Exploration, Transportation and Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Finance

Zivaro lights your journey to the cloud.