Commercial Catalog V20220617

Zivaro, Inc. only provides commercial services as defined in FAR.2101.

(SV-ANALYTICS) Analytics Consultant$350
(SV-ANALYTICS-PREM) Analytics Consultant – Premium$410
(SV-CBL) Cable Technician$170
(SV-CBL-ADV) Advanced Cable Technician$190
(SV-CLB) Collaboration Consultant$250
(SV-CLB-ADV) Advanced Collaboration Consultant$320
(SV-CLD) Cloud Consultant$290
(SV-CLD-ADV) Advanced Cloud Consultant$330
(SV-ESE) Enterprise Systems Consultant$270
(SV-ESE-ADV) Advanced Enterprise Systems Consultant$330
(SV-INF) Infrastructure Consultant$270
(SV-INF-ADV) Advanced Infrastructure Consultant$330
(SV-MC) Master Consultant$420
(SV-MC-ADV) Advanced Master Consultant$490
(SV-MSV) Managed Services**$250
(SV-MSV-ADV) Advanced Managed Services**$350
(SV-NW) Networking Consultant$280
(SV-NW-ADV) Advanced Networking Consultant$330
(SV-PROJ) Project Manager$260
(SV-PROG) Program Manager$290
(SV-SEC) Security Consultant$300
(SV-SEC-ADV) Advanced Security Consultant$340
(SV-SW) Software Consultant$280
(SV-SW-ADV) Advanced Software Consultant$340

A 2% escalation will be applied on an annual basis after the first twelve (12) month term.
*Volume discounts available. Discounts available on a Task Order Basis.
**Managed Services will primarily be offered on a monthly recurring FFP NTE rate and are based on a variety of factors to include storage requirements, user counts, Service Level Agreement requirements, holiday/weekend escalation, database sizing, etc. Discounts available on a Task Order basis.

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