Simplify IT operations, reduce your data center footprint, and optimize on-premise workloads with brilliant solutions from Zivaro.

The data center is transforming, and your business needs a new and smarter approach to tackle and distribute information. Zivaro provides you with intelligent solutions to optimize on-premise workloads and scaling infrastructure, while we simplify IT operations and reduce your data center footprint. 

Applications and data are the foundation of your business, and they need to be secure. Our secure data center solutions offer the redundancy, scale, and resiliency, your business needs.

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The benefits of data center services from Zivaro:

  • Run your business applications in an enterprise-class facility.
  • Select the space and power environment that’s best suited to your business needs.
  • We provide you with scalable storage based on the growth of your business and data.
  • Enjoy the support of Zivaro’s data center experts for application environments.
  • Have complete visibility and control over your IT resources.
  • Zivaro brings the availability, performance, and security your business needs without the high price tag.
  • Avoid single points of failure that cause network downtime. 
  • Our team monitors your data center environment 24/7/365 to ensure business continuity and problem prevention.
  • We provide comprehensive technical, engineering, and administrative support for all aspects of your network infrastructure.
  • Become more agile by optimizing your data center environment with Zivaro.
  • Our team optimizes your hybrid IT infrastructure and the availability of your applications and data.

Hybrid IT

Build velocity for application development, performance, and business execution with an intelligent, automated network infrastructure.

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Software Development

User-focused design creates exceptional customer experiences and improves business outcomes. Solve your most significant business challenges with raw software development.

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Application Services

Modernize legacy applications to keep up with the needs of today. Or, design disruptive cloud-native apps with unparalleled UI and UX.

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Zivaro transforms your data center management and IT operations as your business transitions to a hybrid IT environment. Our people, processes, security, and technology, across the cloud, on-premise environments, and networks, optimize your IT and cloud infrastructure. And our comprehensive management and automation allow you and your teams to focus on strategic business initiatives.

Embrace operational and market changes as a matter of routine with data center services powered by Zivaro.