Simplify IT operations, reduce your Data Center footprint, and optimize on-premise workloads.

Zivaro gives you holistic and secure Data Center solutions across networks, servers, storage, and availability services.

On-premise Data Centers continue to evolve across people, processes, and technology. And at the same time, organizations realize that their storage and capacity capabilities must expand to take advantage of data from 5G and Edge devices.

Developing comprehensive Data Center solutions across networks, servers, and storage, and keeping everything secure is a significant challenge, and often requires decentralization. Today’s organizations must leverage Cloud services partners to fill the gaps in in-house expertise.

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We’ll keep your applications and data always available and secure.

Applications and data are the foundation of your organization, and they need to be secure and available when you need them.

Zivaro’s Data Center solutions offer the redundancy, scale, and resiliency your organization needs.

We’ll provide you with intelligent Data Center solutions to optimize on-premises workloads and scale infrastructure. Our solutions also help you identify the best workloads for public cloud services, and we’ll enable your Data Center evolution by simplifying and orchestrating infrastructure operations, and efficiently leveraging cloud services where it makes sense.

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Get efficient, capacity-optimized storage to keep your developers productive and your infrastructure efficient and trouble-free.

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Cloud Data Services

Simplify and accelerate your cloud transformation with a complete portfolio of data services to right-size advanced cloud solutions.

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Data backup and disaster recovery are critically important: Business Continuity, Data Protection, Rapid Restore, Security and Compliance

Zivaro has a legacy of creating innovative Data Center solutions for our clients.

For more than two decades, we’ve designed and delivered Data Center solutions for enterprise and public sector clients across servers, storage, backup, disaster recovery, and virtualization.

Zivaro’s Data Center engineers use proven processes and a best-in-class technology portfolio to facilitate scale and efficiencies for hybrid workload environments and workloads.

Taking into account your organization’s goals and mission, we’ll migrate, optimize and enable the interoperability of your IT and Cloud infrastructure, and help you select, design, and deploy Data Center solutions customized to your unique needs and internal skill sets.