Zivaro Launches a Complete Imagery Data Management Solution for the US Department of the Interior (DOI)

Zivaro recently launched a complete Imagery Data Management (IDM) solution as a part of its Foundation Cloud Hosting Service (FCHS) […]

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Zivaro recently launched a complete Imagery Data Management (IDM) solution as a part of its Foundation Cloud Hosting Service (FCHS) contract with the DOI.

Denver, CO, August 7th, 2020 – Zivaro, Inc., a US-based leading provider of technology services and solutions, recently announced its complete Imagery Data Management (IDM) solution for the US Department of the Interior (DOI). The solution enables the full capture, upload, and processing of large imagery files for various governmental applications. It is a component of Zivaro’s Foundation Cloud Hosting Service (FCHS) contract with the Federal Government and is now available to all Federal Government clients through multiple contract vehicles. The solution is also available to any Enterprise organization that could benefit from imagery data management. 

Captured imagery and data must be effectively managed, integrated, and interpreted to provide meaningful and actionable insights. Without an easy-to-use data management solution to find and obtain relevant information, as well as images and videos, data often ends up on laptops or siloed in systems that are undiscoverable to the people who need it. 

Also, work is often duplicated and unused because the productivity enhancements provided by collaboration tools are missed. In addition, processing tasks like the conversion of orthorectification and multispectral imagery to RGB (Red, Green, Blue) are often unperformed because of time and resource constraints. 

Zivaro’s Imagery Data Management solution solves these challenges by providing an affordable cloud-based or on-premises solution to store, manage, process, and share imagery. The solution uses a permissions-based sharing model so clients can control data access to public and partner organizations. Organizations can also keep data private within a secure location. 

The Imagery Data Management solution uses knowledge graphs, an essential component of Artificial Intelligence (AI), to automatically organize data by date and time. 

Tod Daboldt, Chief Data Officer and Geospatial Information Officer for the Department of Interior, said, “As we move forward with the integration of all forms of structured and unstructured information, it is critical for our agencies as part of our Department-wide Geoplatform strategy to be able to upload, manage and process all forms of imagery information. The ability to process and manage these massive amounts of information will drive efficiency in decision support across each bureau within the Department,” said Daboldt.

Speaking to the Imagery Data Management solution, Zivaro’s VP of Solutions, Steve Wise, said, “Our objective is to enable DOI offices and bureaus to capture business efficiency using cloud technologies and exploit data to improve mission operations. IDM was created collaboratively with the DOI to accomplish that goal. We are thankful for our partnership with DOI and are looking forward to enhancing IDM capabilities in the near future.”

Terraframe helped develop the IDM solution with Zivaro, their CEO, Nathan McEachen, said, “IDM makes managing large amounts of imagery easy and allows different organizations to collaborate in the cloud. It leverages proven spatial knowledge graph technology developed by TerraFrame to turn large amounts of imagery into useful information.” This same technology is used in many industries, including world health and major industrial clients, where understanding and analyzing imagery is imperative for the next generation of data management.

With Zivaro’s Imagery Data Management solution, the benefits of affordable imagery, like accessing hard-to-reach locations and capturing images from an aerial perspective, can now extend to applications like defense, disaster relief, conservation, agriculture, energy, mining, construction, infrastructure development, urban planning, and telecommunications. Imagery captured in real-time, helps reduce cost, ensures compliance, and minimizes risk. 

The IDM solution is a part of Z Eye, Zivaro’s portfolio of data management products geared toward substantial structured and unstructured data silos.  

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