Enterprise Technology For Which We’re Thankful

As we were thinking about the things we’re most thankful for this past year, we took time to reflect on […]

By zivaro|November 23, 2016|0 Comments

As we were thinking about the things we’re most thankful for this past year, we took time to reflect on changes in the enterprise technology space and the advancements that are benefiting our clients. Here are a few trends and products we’re thankful for. How about you?

What new technology are you most thankful for?

I am thankful for hybrid-WAN technologies allowing enterprises to reduce the costs of operating a WAN and providing better end-user experience through optimized traffic paths. Hybrid-WAN solutions are providing more bandwidth to the branch offices, stores, remote sites, etc., and allowing for centralized policy-driven configuration and control and security at a much lower cost than traditional WAN architectures. – Scott Hogg, CTO

The Internet of Things (IoT) – Connecting everything is driving the future of our industry and allowing GTRI to move beyond the IT department and into the business. I look forward to working on more business related functions with all sorts of device data. – Todd Panella, VP of Professional Services

What vendor upgrade are you most thankful for?

Splunk ITSI (Information Technology Service Intelligence) – Service Intelligence allows us to move beyond IT conversations and move more into the business of what our customers do instead of being focused on just the IT side of the business. – Todd Panella, VP of Professional Services

I am thankful that so many vendors are opening up their products to automation and programmability. More and more vendors are allowing for RESTful APIs to control their products. Many vendors are also putting more resources on GitHub and allowing for traditional DevOps tools to be used to configure their software. This really helps enterprises lower the administrative burden of managing IT infrastructure and help them streamline deployments. – Scott Hogg, CTO

What trends have you seen in enterprise technology this year that you’re most thankful for?

I would say one of the trends that I am most excited about is that several vendors (such as Zadara Storage and Citrix’s Cloud.com) are offering solutions that enterprises can consume on a monthly basis. There have been *aaS offerings for years but enterprise grade providers are beginning to offer more robust solutions that are not simply IaaS or more targeted SaaS offerings. They are beginning to align better with how many enterprises want to consume an Enterprise class PaaS or STORAGEaaS offering. Craig Jeske, Manager of Sales Engineering

The general trend of using big data, machine learning and advanced analytics to provide valuable insights for enterprises is encouraging. The use of these types of systems enables improved security awareness and faster response to new threats. These methods can be used by business to improve how they service their customers and develop new products and services. Using these IT tools is having a transformative effect on so many industries. – Scott Hogg, CTO

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