GTRI Becomes VeriWave Gold Certified Partner

Denver, Colo. – September 20, 2010 – Global Technology Resources, Inc. (GTRI), a Colorado based Information Technology (IT) integration consulting […]

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Denver, Colo. – September 20, 2010Global Technology Resources, Inc. (GTRI), a Colorado based Information Technology (IT) integration consulting group, has announced a formal agreement with one of its strategic partners, VeriWave Inc., making GTRI one of only a handful of Gold Certified Partners in the country.  By being a Gold Certified Partner, this gives GTRI the ability to advance its healthcare professional services offerings to the next level.

GTRI’s healthcare group has been working with both medical device manufacturers and end-user hospitals throughout the world for more than ten years.  They are one of the few integrators with the ability to assist care providers with a technology roadmap which will support both their clinical and IT applications, today and in the future.

The addition of VeriWave into our ecosystem of partners allows us to assess a hospital’s infrastructure and RF environment, determine where they are currently from a utilization standpoint, and design the proper IT architecture which will support all of its intended applications for the next 5 -10 years,” said Charlie Franco, Director of Business Development at GTRI.

VeriWave’s WaveDeploy solution allows GTRI to simulate up to 64 concurrent protocols on a network at virtually any density level to determine what the thresholds of the network’s capabilities are.  By applying this “what if” environment, GTRI can then help the hospital design the proper infrastructure that will accommodate these applications.

The proliferation of clinical devices becoming part of the IT network is a challenge that faces many hospitals today.  Understanding the behavior of these devices and how they will co-exist with complex IT applications such as RTLS and VoIP is not an elementary task and a professional site survey is more critical than ever.  The addition of VeriWave’s site assessment solutions will allow GTRI to handle the growing number of survey requests by streamlining their engineering process.  This is the next step in the evolution of the survey process; instead of just providing RF heatmaps.  GTRI can now illustrate the bandwidth capacity, VoIP MOS scores and RF environment, all within the same cell boundary, and illustrate the results within their reports.

VeriWave is extremely pleased to count GTRI among its Gold-certified partners leveraging WaveDeploy to ensure quality installations and deepen customer relationships,” says Eran Karoly, VP Marketing at VeriWave. “As one of the premier nationwide solution providers, GTRI is helping clients address the very challenges for which WaveDeploy was designed, such as the need for greater insight and control over a growing mix of mobile clients and rising performance standards among WiFi users.”

GTRI’s GlobalSure Managed Services operates a full 24X7 NOC, offering hospitals a service in which it can monitor the networks utilization in real-time and assist in the capacity planning of applications before they are put onto the production network.  This will help in mitigating the hospital’s risk and protecting the patient’s safety during implementation.

For years, medical device manufacturers have been turning to GTRI to assist them in going through their FDA 510K certification process.  WaveDeploy is another enhancement that will help GTRI to simulate medical devices in a mixed mode network environment.  By understanding the medical device’s network behavior, GTRI can help the manufacturer determine its true network specifications and thresholds.  This will allow GTRI to determine how applications will affect the hospital’s network when it is sharing the air space with other wireless applications, such as workstations on wheels, patient monitoring, IV pumps and VoIP.  More importantly, it will help GTRI determine how hospitals can make sure that their device will receive the quality of service needed to ensure patient safety and maintain the integrity of the application.

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