GTRI Director to Chair Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force

Denver, Colo. – April 13, 2006 – Global Technology Resourcs, Inc’s (GTRI’s) Director of Advanced Technology Services, Scott Hogg, has […]

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Denver, Colo. – April 13, 2006Global Technology Resourcs, Inc’s (GTRI’s) Director of Advanced Technology Services, Scott Hogg, has been nominated as the Chair of the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force. The Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force is a regional sub-chapter of the North American IPv6 Task Force. These Task Forces are dedicated to the advancement and propagation of the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

GTRI has been involved with IPv6 technologies for many years. GTRI has been assisting many U.S. Federal entities with their IPv6 transition planning activities. GTRI’s consulting team has experience planning and implementing IPv6 solutions and they can help guide you through the IPv6 deployment process. GTRI offers services to assist organizations who have astrategic direction to start the planning of an IPv6 network. GTRI’s services include IPv6 inventory assessments, training, impact analysis development, transition planning, application assessments, experimentation, testing, and deployment.

We are happy to lend our support to the RMv6TF and help contribute to the advancement of IPv6 as a network technology.” commented GTRI Vice President of Operations, Glenn Smith. “Scott Hogg will do a great job as Chair because of his in depth knowledge of IPv6, his leadership skills, and his passion for IPv6. We are encouraged by the fact that there are so many people interested in IPv6 in this region and we want to be part of the IPv6 community”.

About GTRI

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About RMv6TF

The RMv6TF promotes IPv6 and works to educate the community on IPv6 and its benefits. The RMv6TF performs research and development and showcases IPv6 technology and services and shares this knowledge with the public. The RMv6TF works to put on local IPv6-focused events and further the use of IPv6 within the Rocky Mountain region. The RMv6TF is an organization that industry and government can look to for guidance on IPv6 transition information and advice about best practices and solutions involving IPv6.

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