GTRI to Exhibit at the 2013 North American IPv6 Summit

Denver, Colo. – April 11, 2013 – Global Technology Resources, Inc. (GTRI) today announced that it will participate in the 2013 […]

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Denver, Colo. – April 11, 2013Global Technology Resources, Inc. (GTRI) today announced that it will participate in the 2013 North American IPv6 Summit, the largest IPv6 conference in North America this year, April 17 – 19 in Denver, Colorado. GTRI will be located at booth No.9.

GTRI is pleased to be a sponsor of the 2013 IPv6 Summit and has been a sponsor of the IPv6 Summit event every year since it started in 2008.  For 6 years, GTRI has contributed to the IPv6 community and shared IPv6 knowledge and expertise with the attendees.

With a leading speaker lineup of IPv6 experts from around the globe, including a keynote address from Latif Ladid, President IPv6 Forum and Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf, the conference revolves around compelling trends and discoveries made on IPv6 that will give attendees an opportunity to master the transition to IPv6, become IPv6 certified, and ensure they stay relevant and ahead of the curve in their profession through the next 10 years.

Attendees are predominantly networking professionals including technology leaders, systems architects, engineers and researchers.

“The Rocky Mountain Taskforce (RMv6TF) in conjunction with Regional North America IPv6 Task Forces designed this conference to give participants the opportunity to learn what it takes to get their business transitioned to Ipv6 as quickly and seamlessly as possible,” said Scott Hogg, Chair-Emeritus, RMv6TF. “The biggest theme of this conference is understanding that the time to transition to IPv6 is now. Businesses cannot sustain commerce on the Web without operating in this new protocol.”

“For the past 4 years we have witnessed a gradually increasing interest from our clients in having GTRI help them with their IPv6 planning and deployments”, said Scott Hogg, GTRI’s Director of Technology Solutions.  “More and more devices are being connected to networks and each of these devices requires an IP address for communication.  Growth of cloud systems, mobile devices, and The Internet of Things (IoT) has added more nodes to networks.  Due to the increased scarcity and added pressure on available IPv4 addresses, more enterprises are considering IPv6 as a way to guarantee the longevity of their communication plans.”

About The Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force

Dedicated to the advancement and adoption of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force (RMv6TF) works to educate the community on IPv6 and its benefits. As a sub-chapter of the North American IPv6 Task Force, the organization primarily hosts local IPv6-focused events to promote the use of IPv6 within the Rocky Mountain region. The RMv6TF is a non-profit/tax-exempt organization that industry and government can look to for guidance on IPv6 transition information and advice about best practices and solutions involving IPv6. For more information, visit

About GTRI

GTRI provides industry-leading consulting and technology services that help clients derive real business value from their technology investments. With deep foundations in both networking and data center technologies, we support clients across a broad spectrum of industries with IT strategy, planning, private and cloud architectures, implementation and IT operations. Learn more at

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