Hands-on Introduction to Citrix Virtual Desktop Solutions

Do you have a desire to start a project to take your apps from the traditional desktop model into the […]

By zivaro|April 28, 2014|0 Comments

Do you have a desire to start a project to take your apps from the traditional desktop model into the datacenter or “cloud”? Or maybe you’re just looking for ways to securely extend your office so that your people can access from home. Or maybe you have overseas developers, frustrated by the speed of the VPN connection they are required to use. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past eight years, you know that there are virtual desktop solutions out there. Reading about solutions is great, but…where to start?

virtual desktop solutions citrixI recently had the pleasure of conducting our first Citrix Project Accelerator Workshop at our main GTRI office in Denver, Colorado. The event was hosted by GTRI on behalf of Citrix, and we were joined by experts from both Citrix and NVIDIA.

The series is part of the “Roadmap to Desktop Transformation” and is a 5-6 hour hands-on workshop designed to introduce people to both the possibilities and methodology of deploying the various FlexCast Models within Citrix. That’s right — not another sales meeting or pitch, we’re talking REAL SOLUTIONS to REAL CHALLENGES!

The sessions are designed to be interactive in nature, using the always-improving Citrix Project Accelerator tool (it’s free; try it out!).

In a nutshell, we cover three key areas — Assess, Design and Deploy — and cover a lot of the pitfalls to avoid, as well as share our years of experience deploying to literally millions of seats!

Since this first run was so successful, we’re looking forward to taking this show on the road –- keep an eye on our Events page for more details.

We look forward to super-charging your Desktop Transformation. Contact us or leave a comment if you’re interested in learning more.

Citrix workshop

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