Healthcare IT Services: Right-Sized IT Solutions for Healthcare Institutions

As a healthcare provider, you can’t afford a data breach or even a second of downtime.

Today, healthcare providers are a mouthwatering target for cybercriminals. Why? Because as a healthcare leader, you’re responsible for volumes of sensitive patient, organizational, and employee data, making you an attractive target. In the digital era, your technology can enhance your ability to serve patients, or it can hold you back. 

You need a Healthcare IT services partner who understands HIPAA compliance and the ways technology can enhance your patient’s experience. You also need a provider with extensive experience with EMR/EHR systems and a deep technical bench to keep your infrastructure running its best 24/7/365. Today, there is no room for downtime. 

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Zivaro is here to help healthcare providers stay safe and sound. We’re also here to help you provide better patient service and support.

Our Managed Healthcare IT Services

Zivaro provides a full suite of managed IT services tailored specifically to the needs of today’s healthcare providers. Our tenured bench of engineers and security experts has every certification under the sun. What’s that mean for you? 

It means you can trust that when you partner with Zivaro, you, your patients, and your employees are covered from every threat, and you’ll never skip a beat. 

Cybersecurity for Healthcare

The healthcare sector sees more cybersecurity incidents than most other industries today. Because hackers, like all businesses and professionals, go where there is money, and in the digital world, data is currency.  Financial gain is the primary motivating factor for today’s cybercriminals. 

We’ll help you stay safe and prepared for every threat with our suite of HIPAA-compliant security solutions and services designed explicitly for healthcare institutions like yours. 

Data Protection for Healthcare

We’ll ensure business continuity with comprehensive data protection and backup solutions that can grow with you. In addition, Zivaro provides HIPAA-compliant healthcare data protection so you can get to sleep at night. 

Telehealth Solutions for Healthcare

The pandemic forced an explosion of new Telehealth practices due to social distancing requirements and quarantine. And while your patients and healthcare providers love virtual visits, your systems must be HIPAA-compliant and secure. We’ll set you up with an easy-to-use and secure platform so you can offer your patients the best in Telehealth today. 

We understand the challenges today’s healthcare institutions face, and we’re here to help.

Our seasoned experts offer experience and specialized knowledge from hundreds of successful engagements with public and private healthcare institutions. Zivaro’s dedicated healthcare team takes a strategic approach with a proven framework for delivering comprehensive, cost-effective infrastructure solutions.