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Powering vital sectors in their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Decades of domain expertise across key industries to accelerate your success.

Zivaro crafts tailored IT strategies, addressing challenges unique to various sectors. Our approach ensures your technological landscape isn’t just current but future-ready.


In a field where every millisecond is crucial, Zivaro ensures robust, compliant, and efficient IT systems prioritizing patient care and data security.

Financial Services

Zivaro fortifies financial entities with advanced solutions, safeguarding assets, streamlining transactions, and ensuring the rapid execution of services.

Federal Government

National missions require the utmost precision and security. We ensure federal entities are empowered with resilient, high-performance infrastructures.

State and Local Government

Streamlined operations are crucial for local governance. Zivaro ensures rapid response times, efficient public services, and safeguarded data.


For institutions shaping future leaders, Zivaro offers secure, dynamic, and scalable IT solutions to foster limitless learning environments.


As the energy sector evolves, Zivaro's cutting-edge solutions and services ensure seamless, efficient, and environmentally conscious operations.

Why partner with Zivaro?

Zivaro’s 25-year journey is marked by a commitment to service and digital transformation. Our pride lies not in our longevity but in the successes achieved by our clients and partners.

Certifications that reflect our commitments.

Zivaro is more than just a solution provider. We’re your partner, crafting infrastructures resilient to the ebbs and flows of your industry’s demands. We anticipate the challenges of tomorrow with the innovations of today.

We’re aligned with global technology leaders.

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Experiences from the frontlines of innovation.

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