Zivaro enables secure digital transformations for the energy sector.

Global and domestic conditions continually impact the energy sector, and tomorrow’s energy victors will need to digitally transform and build a strong security presence to stay on top.

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G networks, and other technologies, energy businesses are an attractive target to cybercriminals. And as renewable energies disrupt the diversification of revenue streams, whether you’re in exploration, production, mining, transportation, or you’re a utility, you need to embrace digital innovation and data-driven decision making.

We’ve had a front-row seat to the transformation of the energy and mining sectors.

Zivaro has witnessed and been a part of the significant changes in the energy and mining sectors. And for more than two decades, we’ve partnered with energy sector clients to design and deploy advanced technology solutions that modernize production IT and Operational Technology (OT), enhance production capabilities, improve collaboration, and make audit and compliance reporting easy.

The benefits to energy sector clients who work with Zivaro:

We’ve improved the security posture of many energy companies and have also helped with Operational Technology visibility by providing an end-to-end snapshot of the who and what makes up all network transactions.

We’ve also deployed GPU-based Virtual Desktop (VDI) solutions for geological modeling for a multinational mining organization, helping them to decrease the time of revenue-generating functions from nearly a half-hour to less than 30-seconds.