Pioneering advanced technological solutions for the energy sector.

Transform, innovate, excel: Unleashing the potential of digital transformation in energy.

Guiding the energy sector's digital journey.

Zivaro sets a stable and reliable foundation for the energy sector’s continued digital transformation. As technology quickly evolves and cyber threats become more complex, we provide cutting-edge solutions and thorough security measures supported by our extensive experience.

A wealth of experience, expertise, and technological innovation.

With over two decades of frontline experience in the energy and oil and gas sectors, Zivaro has honed its skills and knowledge in the theater of digital transformation. Our strategic solutions bolster production IT, augment operational technology, streamline compliance, and facilitate collaboration, allowing your focus to remain on core business and production processes.

Cutting-edge solutions for modern energy challenges.

Zivaro offers innovative infrastructure, cloud, security, and data management services. We enhance your operational efficiency, optimize your application strategies, and provide a secure digital environment. Leverage our unparalleled expertise to boost your digital readiness and drive data-driven decision-making.

Managed Security

Shielding energy infrastructures from emerging threats to safeguard critical data and assets.

Managed IT Services

Optimizing and managing IT operations to power the backbone of the energy sector reliably and efficiently.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Enabling seamless communication channels for energy teams, fostering cohesive project execution and real-time collaboration.

Managed Cloud and Data Center

Architecting and managing resilient cloud and data center solutions tailored to the demands of energy operations, facilitating agile data access and storage.

Big Data Analytics

Deciphering complex energy datasets to uncover efficiencies, streamline operations, and predict industry trends.

Managed Network and SD-WAN

Combining robust network solutions with SD-WAN to ensure uninterrupted, secure energy operations and data transmissions.

Our energy sector track record.

Comprehensive network transaction visibility

Providing a holistic view of your network activities.

Robust security posture

Fortifying your defenses against cyber threats.

GPU-based Virtual Desktop (VDI) solutions

Accelerating revenue-generating functions in geological modeling.

Expertise you can trust.

Our team, boasting an impressive array of industry certifications, excels at tailoring solutions to your specific requirements. From small enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations, we have guided organizations through their digital transformation journey, consistently delivering notable ROI and optimal technological outcomes.

More than a service provider.

At Zivaro, we position ourselves as a service provider and a trusted partner in your journey toward a digital future. We provide time efficiency and risk reduction and deliver scalable, standardized solutions. Let’s collectively shape the future of energy.

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