Sponsoring Agency: Department of the Air Force
Contract Type: GWAC, IDIQ, FFP
Contract Holder: Global Technology Resources, Inc (GTRI)
Contract #: FA8732-13-D-0031
Period of Performance: 6 Nov 2013 – 5 Nov 2016 with three, one-year options available
Eligibility: Open to all Federal Agencies

About NETCENTS-2 Products:

The goal of the overall NETCENTS-2 program is to support missions that require voice, data and video communications, information services, solutions, and products to deliver the right information, in the right format, to the right place, at the right time – efficient in peace, effective in war, and ensuring success across the spectrum of operations.

Contract Scope:

Areas of technology include networking equipment, servers and storage, IT peripherals, IT multimedia products, software, identity management/biometric hardware and software, extended warranty, and equipment maintenance services.