Sponsoring Agency: NASA
Contract Type: Cisco ESI Catalog
Contract Holder: Zivaro, Inc
Contract #: SEWP NNG15SC38B – Group D
Period of Performance: Valid through April 30, 2025
Eligibility: Open to all DOD Agencies

Cisco Integrator Level: Gold


The DOD ESI Agreement for Cisco Systems, Inc. is a source of supply for Cisco Systems, Inc. hardware, software licenses, cloud services, hardware/software maintenance, and professional services.

Zivaro holds the following certifications from Cisco:

Partner Master Specializations
Master Networking Specialization 
Master Collaboration Specialization
Partner Specializations Partner Designations
Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization  Buying Models Commerce Certification 
Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization  Cisco Webex Calling Partner 
Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization  EA Cisco DNA – Switching Wireless Routing 
Advanced Security Architecture Specialization  Lifecycle Advisor for Enterprise Agreements 
Cisco Webex Calling with Calling Plan  EA Collab-Flex Plan 
Customer Experience Specialization  EA Collab-Flex Plan On-Prem Calling 
Cisco Hyperflex Specialization EA Collab-Flex Plan On-Prem Meetings 
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Specialization  EA Data Center ACI and HyperFlex 
Cisco Webex Contact Center Specialization  EA Data Center Cloud 
Collaboration SaaS Specialization  EA Meraki 
EA Security choice 
Secure Remote Work EA Authorization 
UCM Cloud-Customer Connected

Contact Zivaro for assistance with quoting requirements and information gathering regarding the ESI catalog and how it may benefit your organization at

Fair Opportunity: Contractors will be provided fair opportunity at the individual order level as appropriate per FAR Part 16.505(b), including the SEWP RFQ tools. No documentation for the order selection is required to be submitted with the order. All such documentation is to be maintained by the issuing procurement office.

Ordering Period: The current SEWP V ordering period is May 1, 2015 through April 30, 2025.

Contract Terms: Firm Fixed Price

Zivaro ESI Team: Federal Agencies may email 


DOD Enterprise Software Initiative sourcing/marking is used with permission. DOD ESI procedures are explained in DFARS 208.74 and DOD CIO Guidance and Policy memorandum No. 12-8430 dated July 26, 2000.

Contacts and Resources

Michael Weathers
Sales EVP
Phone: 831.236.5721

Tyler Mathis
Sales Director
Phone: 720.836.7406