In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, the top priorities remain the same: delivering exceptional care and ensuring optimal patient outcomes. But with healthcare becoming an increasingly electronic, data-driven enterprise, it’s a new era in the way providers, payers and public health entities operate and work toward those goals. Now more than ever, information technology (IT) is both enabling and shaping the way care is provided, managed and financed. And IT is the most critical investment healthcare organizations make in advancing their strategic objectives:

  • Safeguarding sensitive protected health information (PHI) in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) regulations
  • Managing and securing the complex flow of data between payers and payees in the healthcare revenue and reimbursement workflow
  • Meeting Meaningful Use requirements in the ongoing shift to electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Empowering clinicians and staff with the most effective tools and improving efficiency across the organization
  • Moving toward a population health management (PHM) approach that delivers proactive, cost-effective care to specific patient subgroups

Zivaro understands the complex challenges faced by today’s healthcare organizations and the difficulty of meeting those challenges within shrinking margins. Our seasoned experts offer experience and specialized knowledge gained from hundreds of successful engagements with public and private healthcare institutions. And our dedicated healthcare team employs a strategic approach and a proven framework for delivering comprehensive, cost-effective infrastructure solutions in key areas:

  • Wireless networking.  Zivaro provides end-to-end wireless networking services – from survey and design to implementation and post-deployment testing – to ensure that our healthcare customers have the robust wireless infrastructures needed to fully accommodate current and future network demands.
  • End user enablement.  We take healthcare wireless engagements one step farther with strategic end user enablement solutions designed to help organizations effectively manage today’s influx of personal communication devices and monitoring systems, supporting seamless mobility and optimal efficiency.
  • Collaboration. We ensure that advanced telephony systems, mobile devices and alert mechanisms work together smoothly across the healthcare enterprise to support intelligent triage, eliminate alarm fatigue and deliver highly responsive patient care.
  • Big Data. Using Splunk data analytics tools, we help healthcare organizations leverage Big Data to improve operational efficiency, proactively safeguard against security breaches and drive better patient outcomes.
  • Data center and cloud. We offer data center consolidation and cloud expertise to create the flexible, high-performance infrastructures our healthcare customers need to support EMR and other critical applications, agilely accommodate complex workloads and manage costs.
  • Security. Security is an integral component of virtually every healthcare solution we deliver – we help organizations monitor, manage and track security activities, protect sensitive data, and comply with federal security and privacy mandates.

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