Zivaro can enhance your competitive positioning, and ensure overall program success with our Systems Integrator resources.

Whether it’s aerospace, defense and military, satellites, intelligence and surveillance or cyber security and weaponry—hundreds of thousands of employees rely on stable, secure communication and data systems to execute duties that protect our nation. We work in tandem with our systems integrators (SIs) and vendors to help increase competitive position and overall program success.

With years of national defense and civilian experience, we have a thorough understanding of SI technology and client needs, including safeguarding proprietary information and strict adherence to request for information (RFI), request for quote (RFQ) and request for proposal (RFP) requirements.

Our consulting engineers hold certifications from key information technology (IT) manufacturers. Their expertise spans multiple technology disciplines. Through our quality management system and distribution partners, we scale for large acquisitions and provide customized solutions, including device and package labeling, pallet organization and product staging and testing. But, we offer more than products—we provide full solutions to support supplier diversity, service support and RFP planning and task support.

We provide:

  • Government insight
  • Technical expertise
  • Solution-focused selling
  • Customization