Save time and realize true business value through better, faster, data-driven decision-making.

Today, your business or agency can track and consume massive volumes of data and analytics.  But how do you turn these insights into action? Zivaro transforms data into actionable insights, building a roadmap to security and operational maturity via visibility.

The amount of data produced today—by organizations of all sizes and specialties—is the defining characteristic of the digital era.

Businesses and government agencies who are able to harness, learn from, and apply actionable insights from data and analytics, will discover brilliance on their path to the top—and they will give employees back precious time and as a result, save dollars while reducing risk and mitigating costs.

Developed in close partnership with Splunk, the leading provider of machine data analytics and security insights, Zivaro’s Big Data & Analytics practice will give your business or agency a competitive advantage in the digital world.

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Fortune 100 Financial Services Subsidiary Leverages Zivaro To Optimize Their Investment In Splunk


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Splunk Use Cases

  • Application Management
  • IT Operations
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Fraud
  • Business Intelligence

End-to-End Big Data Analytics solutions powered by Splunk and Zivaro

  • Architecture, engineering, health-check, assessments, design, optimization and implementation services
  • Development and customizations, including customized search, alerts and dashboards in addition to other specific use case or compliance needs
  • Software Licensing
  • Compliance audit readiness
  • Professional service integration for Splunk Enterprise and premium Splunk applications like Enterprise Security (ES), IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), VMware and PCI
  • Customized Training and Splunk Certified Education Services

Zivaro, the first Splunk Elite Partner in the United States, is one of just a handful of authorized training partners in North America. Our sales, engineering, administration and architecture teams hold more than 140 certifications and can provide end-to-end support for Splunk from licensing and pre-sales support to certified training, and professional services.

Splunk Training

Zivaro is a certified Splunk training center and also provides custom Splunk training services. Learn Splunk Fundamentals,  Administration, Advanced Search & Reporting and more from our Splunk experts.

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Operation and Security Intelligence

Informed decisions produce improved outcomes. Learn how Zivaro can help to turn your data and analytics into actionable insights capable of producing brilliance.


Zivaro is your partner in Big Data Analytics transforming raw data into actionable information capable of enhancing business and application performance while providing unparalleled visibility and security posture enhancement.