Revitalize legacy applications to match the needs of today’s competitive forces. Design new and disruptive cloud-native apps with an outstanding user and customer experience. Unlock fresh approaches to productivity, portability and security with application transformation.

Automate and optimize your business applications for the digital era.

Contemporary IT platforms are creating new dimensions of opportunity for business automation, but legacy applications may be a hindrance to capitalizing on the possibilities.

Merely migrating legacy applications to cloud-delivered platforms won’t solve the shortcomings of aged applications. The significant historical investments in critical systems can be not only protected but advanced through modernization frameworks constructed to capitalize on the agility and portability of today’s tools.

Business applications designed within the traditional IT paradigm are a roadblock to digital transformation. Improve the performance of existing applications while saving costs and reducing risk.

Zivaro’s application services help to reduce operating costs and give your teams the capacity to focus on strategic business initiatives by automating the software pipeline. If your goal is to migrate and improve existing systems, remediate or re-platform legacy applications, Zivaro will illuminate your journey and enhance software agility, security and reliability while drastically reducing costs.

User-driven design gives you the power to create unparalleled customer experiences and amplify business outcomes. Zivaro guides your journey to brilliance by solving your most significant business challenges with raw software development.

Applications, built by humans, over time, can become monolithic beasts with the power to hinder business performance. Leverage microservice architecture and containers to give applications a new lease on life, allowing you to iterate in real-time while optimizing and improving the system code base.

Pipeline Automation

Regardless of industry or scale, automation gives your business a competitive edge. Deliver software with fewer bugs and reduced risk through optimized continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices.

Performance Management

Zivaro drives application brilliance through the detection and diagnosis of performance issues to help you realize true business value from your applications and IT metrics. Identify and solve problems faster with Zivaro application services.

Engineering & Support

Zivaro’s engineering and support teams are the underlying foundation of brilliance for your business applications and infrastructure. Rest easy knowing we’ve got your back.

Earn the competitive edge your business needs with an automated, optimized, cost-efficient, and secure application infrastructure designed and managed with Zivaro—on-premise or in the cloud.