Revolutionize legacy applications through microservices refactoring with Zivaro.

In today’s constantly evolving technical landscape, your success depends on adapting to changing customer needs quickly with fewer failures in support of real ROI.

Simply replatforming an application into cloud infrastructure can create initial benefits but may mask the improvements necessary to make the application more agile and maintainable.  Monolithic application ‘black holes’ can be a powerful force that can slow business progress down unless creative new approaches are applied.

Leverage Zivaro’s application consultants to empower continuous improvement and cloud transformation.  We use proven frameworks and processes to responsibly facilitate change, helping you select the right approach to modernize legacy apps based on user experience and business impact.

Design Thinking

Revisit user needs and pain points, ensuring the features we are improving are not just used but desired.

Agile & Lean

Agile processes and lean prototyping allow for technology to evolve organically and ensures only what is necessary and useful is built.

Continuous Improvement

No technology has an unlimited lifespan.  Our continuous improvement lifecycle will ensure technology stays relevant and ahead of the curve.

Why refactor?

  • Improve the feedback loop between the business, development and operations for creating new features and functionality.
  • Microservices are highly scalable, easy to improve, easier to maintain, and easier to deploy.
  • Deploy functionality more often. Gather utilization statistics and feedback from customers more quickly.
  • Isolate faults more efficiently and reduce failures to smaller components of code.
  • Deploy microservices across different infrastructure technology to where functionality is best suited.
  • Give your operations team the ability to shift from managing servers to managing services.
  • Reduce code-release issues with smaller iterations and more simplified version roll back.
  • Improve culture and perception with a continuous improvement, continuous release, highly responsive service delivery culture.
  • Application refactoring provides a solid foundation to reset technical debt.
  • Create clarity and prioritization of codebase which has the most vs. least impact on the business performance.

Businesses who use microservices are faster, more resilient and have greater flexibility than those who do not. The first step in moving to a microservices environment is to refactor monolithic applications.

Earn the competitive edge your business needs with application refactoring services powered by Zivaro.