Defend and protect critical workloads and information in the cloud.

The public cloud is a disruptive force, providing an automated, elastic and scalable infrastructure for applications, storage and data, and enabling complete business transformation—but it must be secure.

Visibility and Security go hand-in-hand.

Zivaro empowers your business with automated and secure workloads in public clouds, allowing you to reap the transformative benefits of the cloud without the fear of cyber security risks.  Our solutions give you the visibility and peace of mind that can only come from transferring the risk of managing your public cloud infrastructure to our illuminated specialists.

Realize the benefits of a public cloud infrastructure with security built into its core.

Benefits of secure public infrastructure from Zivaro

  • FedRamp Low, Moderate and High architecture designs
  • Integrated Risk Management (IRC) and GRC assistance and strategic planning
  • Cloud Readiness and Security Posture assessments for pre and post cloud adoption evaluation
  • Unparalleled threat and data protection for data and assets located anywhere
  • Partnership access to the Zivaro team of cloud security experts
  • Ensured business continuity and enhanced disaster recovery
  • Reduced in-house security operations costs and capital investment
  • Enhanced redundancy in the cloud

Zivaro follows best practices laid out by the Cloud Security Alliance.  CSA is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting the use of best practices for providing security assurance within the cloud. Zivaro will take on the risks associated with protecting your business and data leaving your team free to tackle business-critical initiatives securely.

We use an automated, software-driven approach to give your business the same level of cloud security applied to governmental organizations. If it’s secure enough for the government, it’s secure enough for your business.

Businesses today must be ever vigilant in the face of an expanding threat landscape. Securely enable your cloud business transformation with premium secure public infrastructure from Zivaro.