When development and operations work in silos, inefficiencies spanning automation, processes, standards and tooling run rampant and business value is lost.

Mature DevOps creates the platform for efficiency, orchestrating mutually beneficial processes, normalization, self-service and automation to accelerate time to market and elevated customer experiences. DevOps is the combination of contemporary cultural philosophies, tools, and practices that enable you to deliver applications and services with high velocity.

Dev=Create, Plan, Package, Verify

Ops=Release, Configure, Monitor

Embrace DevOps within your organization and realize brilliance through our culture-driven, transformational services.

Elevated DevOps is not an accident—take control of your evolution with Zivaro.

Building DevOps

Strategize and roadmap the organizational change, IT operating model, governance practices and tooling that will successfully embed DevOps into your business and culture.


Regardless of industry or scale, pipeline automation gives your business a competitive edge. Deliver software with fewer bugs and reduced risk through optimized continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices.

Automation of system and application configurations, security policies and network resources enable development teams and build value for traditional IT operations.

Security is more than a set of tools or technologies—it is a mindset and shared responsibility. Safely distribute security decisions at speed and scale to those who hold the highest level of context without sacrificing security.

DevOps is more than a buzzword or technical investment— it is a philosophy. And it’s a philosophy we live.

Whether you need to take first steps or are looking for comprehensive roadmaps and strategies, leverage Zivaro’s service framework and partner solution portfolio to drive towards successful, long-term DevOps adoption.  

Embrace contemporary philosophies and technologies with DevOps practice building and services from Zivaro.