Webinar: Simplify IT Subscription Management With Cisco and Zivaro

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Tired of dealing with complex IT subscription management, multiple buying cycles, and fragmented software consumption? Then join Zivaro’s upcoming webinar, “Unraveling The Trends In Next-Gen IT Subscription Management; Saving Budget, Saving Sanity,” on March 28, 2023.

Access The Latest Trends and Best Practices With Our Host, Zivaro Customer Experience Manager, Ryan Bursey

Gain more visibility and control over your IT environment, simplify IT operations, and reduce costs with the latest trends and best practices in IT subscription management centered on Cisco’s CX Lifecycle.

Simplify the Buying Cycle

  • Aggregate multiple technology cycles into one purchase
  • Control the SW license estate through one platform
  • Add or change the license mixture without another buying cycle

Simplify Software Consumption

  • True-Forwarding with no retroactive billing
  • Access to new software capabilities
  • Growth Allowance: expand without penalty
  • Deploy technologies on demand when you are ready

Simplify Management & Visibility

  • Financial peace of mind through budgeting predictability
  • Deploy SW licenses from a single unified platform
  • Co-terminate SW license dates for straightforward future refreshes
  • Leverage tools like Cisco SecureX to enhance orchestration and problem resolution

Don't miss this opportunity to discover the future of IT subscription management and take your organization to the next level with Zivaro and Cisco!