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Continuous innovation and automation. Tap into Zivaro’s next generation managed IT services platform to optimize for today’s technology complexity.

Public cloud, premise-private cloud, VM’s, SaaS, containers, API’s, orchestration, CI/CD, cloud native apps, software defined networking, service management, CASB… Today’s technology choices are immense but increasingly complex to plan and manage.  What architectures can we realistically manage? Where is the most efficient place to build and operate workloads?

Why Zivaro Managed Services?

We are much more than a Managed Services Provider (MSP) – just look under the covers.  For over 20 years, we have delivered complex technical projects and IT operational expertise across highly-regulated industries (federal agencies, healthcare systems, financial), meeting some of most demanding requirements for performance, scalability and security.

  • We specialize in like-size clients. This means your business partnership is paramount. Large Providers center themselves in the global enterprise space and those clients are their priority. You are ours.
  • Large providers generally lack the flexibility needed for mid-market clients. They build delivery models to meet contractual requirements of large contracts rather than providing nimble and customizable responses to your challenges.
  • Pure MSP providers sell products and software grudgingly. We pursue, architect and deliver complex technologies and associated logistics as a core competency.
  • Our tooling and processes are purpose-built to serve mid-market customer size and IT needs
  • Our full suite of managed service offerings are highly aligned to difficult-to-staff Tier 3 teams & underlying response capabilities.

We provide uncompromised value through innovative, tailored solutions still rooted in standardization, automation, and visibility– the foundations of a simplified IT Ops strategy.  We are a rare collection of innovators, architects, developers, engineers, operators and problem-solvers across multiple IT domains.

Let us be your innovators and simplification experts for a brilliant new approach to managing IT.

Zivaro Managed Services Value Stack

Simplified Onboarding

We’ve done this before. We understand that a streamlined and transparent union of your team with Zivaro’s Managed Services group is critical during the onboarding process.

Advanced and Emerging Technology

Zivaro has the domain expertise, knowledge and agility to adapt the latest, cutting-edge technologies into customer environments where appropriate to drive performance, efficiency and security.

Task & Process Automations

Uncover and improve efficiencies with software automations for routine tasks to expedite change management and limit human dependency and error.

Actionable Intelligence

Our visibility and insight tools make manual troubleshooting and remediation a thing of the past. Depending on your requirements we can fully manage or co-manage with these tools, providing you the same visibility, control and response guidance we operate from.

Security Standards and Compliance

Performing on contracts such as the groundbreaking U.S. Dept of Interior’s Foundation Cloud Hosting Services contract, we have proven credibility building and supporting highly secure AWS public-cloud environments and adhering to standards such as FISMA High and the DoD’s Impact Level 4 governing controls and compliance. 

Industry Experience

Since our inception in 1999 we have transacted over $1 billion dollars in revenue and executed over 4000 technology projects and contracts serving healthcare, defense, energy, science, higher education and banking.  Our solution knowledge and diverse group of multi-domain practitioners set our support and response apart from the competition.

Zivaro Brings Value to Your Organization

  • Consumption Model options
  • AWS Platform Expertise
  • Software-Defined Network Visibility and Reporting
  • Deep Security Perspective Program
  • Project Management
  • Auditing and Controls
  • Flexible and Elastic Support

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