OneHealthEQ delivers a secure and straightforward unified communications infrastructure to give the modern practice everything it needs.

Own your data with OneHealthEQ.

Your data belongs to you, do what you want with it. We protect your data using methods that exceed government standards, and we will never prevent you from having full access to it.

  • Data stored in the cloud is encrypted at rest and in-transit
  • Each access is logged, reviewed, and stored on dedicated servers
  • State-of-the-art security tools protect data
  • We provide support for most reporting platforms and tools including BridgeIT & EHR Box

OneHealthEQ is here to transform the legacy model of doing business. Our services are built with value in mind.

The healthcare industry, for too long has worked with haphazard, unmanageable infrastructures that lack documentation and fixed processes. Our ‘healthcare enterprise in a box’ approach is designed to wrap your healthcare infrastructure into one management platform that backs up all your configurations, continually monitors to uncover security threats, continuously backs up data, and automates management tasks.

Enjoy a streamlined experience with OneHealthEQ.

Features of OneHealthEQ Cloud

  • Operates on the current version of eClinical Works
  • Supports eCW & Open Dental
  • Compatible with most third-party reporting software solutions
  • Private cloud model that runs on secure, dedicated resources
  • Infinite automation at scale—eliminates the need for added hard drives or data center expansion. There is no hardware to purchase—ever
  • Remote secure access via network, secure virtual desktop (VDI) or VPN
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery included
  • Automatic data archiving—records are stored infinitely.
  • Complete downtime protection with automated downtime recovery
  • Continuously upgraded best-of-breed infrastructure offering unparalleled performance
  • Unmatched security
  • Advanced traffic optimization technology to reduce overhead and provide speedier application experience
  • Fax capability using familiar vendors such as Main Pine