Managed SIEM

The Challenge:

No one in technology today believes that there are enough security practitioners in the market to meet the demand, let alone enough analysts to sift through, make sense of, and act upon the onslaught of security relevant data coming at them. Many solutions adequately take care of one particular security-related need on a point solution basis. But few, real security platforms exist to provide a single pane of glass for all of those siloed tools to integrate with, and ultimately deliver a true and holistic view of all things security related.

Security Identity & Event Management (SIEM) solutions have been around for over a decade, but have become more prevalent and desired by CISO’s and security program leaders in the past few years. Their promises of the coveted ‘single pane of glass’ are pervasive; but finding (and retaining) talent and advancing your SIEM maturity is a much harder and more expensive task than simply buying a SIEM solution.

Its good to have options…..

Zivaro Managed SIEM provides 24x7x365 proactive monitoring, security incident investigation and escalation services, utilizing the category leading SIEM capabilities of Splunk Enterprise. It enables our regulated market customers to receive proactive Tier 1 & 2 incident investigation and escalation support services for their SIEM needs and security use cases. Our service also includes continuous tuning and customizations to tailor to our customer’s needs and grow their security capabilities and visibility.

Managed SIEM from Zivaro is backed with our Professional Services Certified Splunk Architect’s and Consultant’s expertise, to ensure maximum SIEM uptime and delivery of administrative and event capture needs. No longer do you need dedicated administrative staff to ensure best practices for SIEM, onboard new data sources, drive use case development, do upgrades or monitor and report on general health.

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Asset / Identity Visibility

Understand "who" and "what" is acting on your network

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Notable Events

Leverage powerful machine learning to identify events and stories

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Risk Analysis

Automatically assign and update risk scores to your users and assets in real time based on activity

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Threat Intelligence

Integrate external and custom threat intelligence feeds to understand bad actors

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Adaptive Response

Perform proactive actions automatically based on notable event outcomes

The reality is, a SIEM platform requires significant time, complex integrations, and a non-trivial investment in personnel to optimally set up, enrich, advance, and manage around the clock; just to ensure that you get return on the various investments.

Zivaro can take on this workload 24x7x365, so you can focus on leveraging the insights gleaned from our Managed SIEM service, to advance your security program and fulfill your compliance requirements. Regardless if your SIEM environment is on premise, in the public cloud, or on SplunkCloud, our team has both the expertise and past performance of success with these various Splunk SIEM solution architectures.

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