Modernize legacy applications to keep up with the needs of today. Or, design disruptive cloud-native apps with unparalleled UI and UX.Unlock a new approach to productivity, portability, and security with Zivaro’s application services.

Optimized business applications for the digital era.

Contemporary IT platforms create opportunities for business automation, but legacy applications keep you from taking advantage of them. 

Migrating legacy applications to the cloud won’t fix their shortcomings. Protect and advance your investment in critical systems through application modernization and earn the benefits of today’s tools. 

Legacy business applications are a roadblock to digital transformation. Improve their performance while you save dollars and minimize risk. 

Zivaro’s application services reduce operating costs and automate the software pipeline allowing you to focus on strategic business initiatives. Migrate and improve existing systems, remediate or re-platform legacy apps, and enhance software agility, security, and reliability.

User-focused design creates exceptional customer experiences and improves business outcomes. Solve your most significant business challenges with our software development services. 

Over time applications become monolithic beasts that hinder business performance. Microservice architectures and containers give monolithic applications a new lease on life. Iterate in real-time while you optimize and improve the system codebase.

Pipeline Automation

Automation gives every business a competitive edge. Deliver software with fewer bugs and reduce risk through optimized CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) practices.

Performance Management

Drive application brilliance through the detection and diagnosis of performance issues. Quickly identify and solve problems and realize actual business value from your applications and IT metrics.

Engineering & Support

Zivaro’s engineering and support teams ensure the brilliance of your business applications and network infrastructure. Feel secure knowing we’ve got things covered.

Gain a competitive edge with an automated, optimized, cost-efficient, and secure application infrastructure designed and managed by Zivaro.