Refactoring to microservices brings new life to legacy applications.

In today’s business world, success depends on your ability to adapt quickly to changing customer needs. 

Replatforming an application into cloud infrastructure might bring initial benefits, but it masks the underlying issues that hinder performance. 

Monolithic applications slow your business down. 

Zivaro’s application consultants use proven frameworks and processes to select the best approach to legacy application modernization. We facilitate continuous application improvements and cloud transformation.

Design Thinking

We use creative problem solving to develop user-focused solutions and application features that are useful and desired.

Agile & Lean

Agile processes and lean prototyping allow technology to evolve and ensures the relevance of application features.

Continuous Improvement

Technology has an expiration date. Continuous improvement ensures your technology is always relevant and always ahead of the curve.

Why Refactor Legacy Applications?

  • Refactoring improves the feedback loop between your business, development, and operations to create new features and functionality. 
  • Microservices are scalable, easy-to-improve, and simple to maintain and deploy.
  • Refactoring makes it easy and fast to gather utilization statistics and feedback from customers, speeding up time to deployment for new features and functionality. 
  • Refactoring makes it easy to deploy microservices across your infrastructure to where functionality is needed most.   
  • Allows operations teams to shift from managing servers to managing services.
  • Minimizes code-release issues with smaller iterations and a simplified version rollback.
  • Refactoring builds clarity around the prioritization of codebase to determine what has the most impact on business performance. 
  • Application refactoring provides a solid foundation to reset technical debt.

Businesses smart enough to use microservices are faster, more resilient, and have greater flexibility than their competitors. Refactoring monolithic applications is the first step in moving to a microservices-based environment.

Earn the competitive edge your business needs today with Legacy Application Modernization services and solutions from Zivaro.