Modernize your Network Infrastructure to keep up with the demands of today and prepare for tomorrow.

We’ll modernize your Network Infrastructure so you can benefit from rapid innovation and agility.

Today’s networks deliver agile user experiences and successful business initiatives. But too many organizations are still using legacy tools and manual tasks that leave room for human error, breaches and downtime.

Legacy networks make it impossible to scale and respond quickly to today’s changing conditions.

To improve performance, agility, and networking responsiveness, you need to embrace new technologies and processes and empower your workforce with tools for rapid innovation. Still, with today’s unprecedented pace of network innovation, it’s challenging to know where and how to best invest in your Network Infrastructure.

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Zivaro’s team has experience across hundreds of networking engagements, from local and wide area networking to wireless solutions.

We improve customer success and business performance by designing and deploying Network Architectures enabling digital transformation. Zivaro builds modernized Network Infrastructures focused on operational simplicity, automation, scale, and reliability to support business and mission objectives.

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Secure and straightforward SD-WAN architecture to support the edge-networking movement.

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Network Security

Protect applications and users for today’s multi-cloud, access-anywhere business models.

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Wireless & Mobility

Deploy a security-first, intelligent wireless architecture with real-time troubleshooting and location services.

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Automation & Orchestration

Software-defined, drag-and-drop network programming for the ultimate automated, self-healing network.

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Control & Visibility

Configure and provision 1,000’s of network devices in minutes, and identify performance issues in near real-time.

Zivaro has the proven Network Infrastructure experience and expertise your organization needs.

We are one of North America’s first Cisco Master Networking specialized partners. And our teams have provided architectures and support for some of the nation’s most demanding, secure, and complex networks.

We’ve also designed and deployed over 100M square feet of wireless networking, and we maintain our Cisco Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture specialization.

The benefits of letting Zivaro tackle your Network Infrastructure needs:

We have extensive experience in network design, deployment, and management. And we can help your team automate manual networking tasks so they can get back to working on strategic business initiatives.

Our expertise in software-defined networking can help transform your redundant and expensive legacy network, verify performance, and gives you the ability to measure network parameters and proactively solve issues in real-time.

Zivaro has the proven and vetted Network Infrastructure performance and expertise you can trust.

Zivaro was one of the first three North American partners to achieve the Cisco Master Networking Specialization.

We designed, deployed, and now manage a 250 site SD-WAN solution with dual circuitry and cellular connections for a large regional bank, to support their exponential growth, merger and acquisition diligence, and next-generation banking initiatives. The bank has recouped over $2.7M in telecommunications costs and dodged another $780K in operating expenses from our design, implementation and ongoing 24×7 managed services.

  • Designed and deployed an employee and guest WLAN solution for a 700,000 square foot multi-tenant Justice Center with twelve security domains to support disparate agencies
  • Multi-facility, multi-million square foot healthcare system WLAN solution to support VoIP-over-WiFi, biomed applications, real-time location systems (RTLS), and healthcare records systems
  • Engineering resources architecting and supporting some of the most secure, demanding and complex networks in the world