Modernize and Manage your Enterprise Software Portfolio with AWS Marketplace and Zivaro.

It is time to transform your software lifecycle management – find, test, purchase, deploy and manage your software assets with Zivaro and AWS Marketplace.

AWS Marketplace is emerging as the preeminent supply channel for accelerated sourcing & deployment of brand name software, replacing legacy, premise-based planning cycles and capital expenditure. 

Source top vendors in minutes such as NetApp, Cisco, Trend Micro, AppDynamics, Chef and Splunk.  Integrate these software costs directly into your AWS bill and have Zivaro help manage. Pay only for what you use, or upgrade to longer terms for subscription discounts.

As an AWS consulting partner, Zivaro can help you select, implement, and manage the best AWS Marketplace solutions for your business.

What  Zivaro Helps With:

  • AWS account governance, control, security architecture, standardization, and managed services
  • Technical and supply chain expertise in dozens of solutions available in AWS Marketplace
  • 3rd party software vendor engagement and facilitation for EA/ELA structure and procurement cycle
  • Assist managing an AWS-centralized application portfolio

Why are Zivaro customers using AWS Marketplace?

More easily manage EA & ELA’s through centralized sourcing and trackability.  All billed through your AWS account.

Customers can bring existing licenses to AWS Marketplace platform when needing to retire older on-premise infrastructure or get better performance/cost.

IT Ops relief
Choose and deploy key tools in minutes without having to plan on-site hardware & management.

Plan a portfolio where different tools can be consumed in different models- hourly, monthly, multi-year or private offers.

Test and learn in small bites without material commitments and turn-up/turn-down ability.

Contract attainment
If you have an AWS enterprise agreement, AWS Marketplace purchases count towards the spend goals.

Key Features


participating independent software vendors


product listings

Procure new or bring your own license

Deployed in 15 regions with over 170K active customers

With an extensive portfolio of software available from AWS Marketplace, it can be hard to determine what’s best for your business. Zivaro will help craft the optimal software investment strategies based on your operational priorities and save your business money in the process.

Find brilliance in the cloud with Zivaro.