The DevOps contemporary cultural framework is founded on collaboration and shared responsibility. Move your development, IT operations, and line-of-business teams toward a culture of responsiveness and transparency—and give your business the tools to transform digitally.

DevOps adoption is a process, and it requires guidance with distinguished experience able to build a path toward brilliance.  Zivaro is here to help shepherd your journey.

Zivaro illuminates the path toward DevOps.

Zivaro’s unique approach to building DevOps factors in your existing environment, then builds processes around agile adoption, automation, tools, solution architecture, cloud capabilitiesand culture—crafting a bespoke strategy and leading your business to DevOps practice success.

Zivaro embeds security and compliance into your DevOps practice by applying the same processes and tools DevOps specialists use to automate software delivery and infrastructure changes.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a modern technology delivery framework based on agile theory. It is an integrated approach to application service delivery unifying culture, processes and tools, helping diminish legacy silos between development and IT operations to drive your competitive advantage in the digital era.

Why DevOps?

In today’s competitive business climate, modernizing the culture, key processes and tools associated with DevOps is the difference between disrupting and being disrupted. Products are envisioned, developed, secured, improved, and brought to market at a higher velocity than in the historical model of traditional software development and infrastructure operations.

People. Process. Tools.

  • Zivaro’s DevOps maturity assessment reveals your maturity in areas critical to DevOps success, like CI/CD, test automation and microservice architecture
  • Modernize existing ITSM processes to accelerate software and service delivery
  • Zivaro integrates tools and administration and leads the adoption of automation and cultural transformation
  • Zivaro illuminates your journey to automated operations for continuous delivery, enhanced security, reduced deployment risk, and endless innovation
  • We join together development and operations teams via the adoption of cloud-native technologies, to automate and streamline workloads
  • Zivaro maps out your existing IT application lifecycle capabilities, and we devise roadmaps to integration and automation
  • Zivaro implements the optimal mix of cloud solutions to instill agility from the start into your DevOps practices
  • DevOps begins with transformation and continues with services overseen and managed by Zivaro—we provide ongoing management and automation support for new technologies and workloads

Regardless of where you are on your DevOps journey, Zivaro has the tools, insight and expertise to enable flexible, scalable solutions that are geared to support the rapid innovation businesses need to embrace—today.

Find DevSecOps nirvana with Zivaro.