Drive competitive advantage and amplify positive outcomes by becoming a contemporary, data-driven organization.

More data is being created today than in all of human history. Analysts predict by 2020 we will generate nearly 1.7 megabytes of new data, every second, for each human on the planet. The potential gains of becoming a data-driven organization are too significant to ignore.

Data is brilliance.

The cloud has transformed the way applications are designed, including how data is processed and stored. In this digital era, as opposed to using one, general-purpose database to collect all of an organization’s information, through the concept of polyglot persistence, we are able today to use multiple, specialized data stores, each optimized for specific capabilities.

Contemporary solutions are designed around a data pipeline that determines how information moves through a solution—where and how data is processed, where it is stored, and how that data is consumed by the next step in the pipeline.

Zivaro provides unified and integrated data solutions for better analytics and improved data quality.

  • See business-critical information regardless of its source
  • We create a data strategy and execution roadmap that is relevant and specific to your business needs
  • Zivaro eliminates silos between Enterprise Architects, Data Architects, and Process Architects, to optimize data collection, analysis and management
  • We provide visibility into the role of data in the context of the customer journey, and where your data fits into the overall technology stack
  • Data Architecture eliminates bottlenecks and facilitates faster model iteration
  • We develop models, policies, rules and standards, to govern how data is collected, stored, integrated, arranged and used within your business and systems
  • We integrate the capabilities of both traditional and emerging technologies to manage company-wide data
  • We use data science to help your business gather its most valuable insights
  • Via data and insight collection, Zivaro applies contemporary compute solutions designed for data science—delivered with velocity
  • Zivaro implements data governance standards and best practices to ensure data is reliable, consistent and accessible to those who need it
  • Using data privileges, we create boundaries for proprietary data to protect it from unauthorized machines and people, without limiting accessibility for authorized users
  • Zivaro’s data consolidation methods capitalize on existing data repositories to make information out of raw data, to establish consistent meaning for data and historical KPIs for leading your business with facts, predictions and discovery

With businesses collecting a growing amount of data from both internal and external sources, it’s critical to partner with experts capable of building unified and integrated data solutions for improved data quality and analytics. Zivaro is that partner.

Zivaro’s Data Architectures solve issues around:

  • Too many databases
  • Too much data
  • Performance problems related to a lack of tuning, or expertise and personnel
  • Data Warehouse and Data Lake
  • Data Migration
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Storage Selection & Optimization

We think holistically about the data pipeline, from data ingest and edge analytics, to data preparation and archiving data in the cloud, helping you to understand performance requirements, datasets, and needed services.

Turn your data into a unified catalyst for business transformation with Zivaro.