Build security into the foundation of your DevOps practice with DevSecOps services—implemented and managed by Zivaro.

Through DevOps, the ways we design, deliver and operate systems have profoundly changed. Much like Agile and CI/CD practices have transformed the way we write code and manage projects, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, and CI/CD have transformed IT services.

DevOps unites development and IT ops teams through a contemporary cultural framework, along with integrated tooling and processes to increase the frequency, quality and business alignment of software releases. 

Development and IT operations teams must be tightly connected, but security cannot be an afterthought.

Agile developers leverage existing code in rapid iterations and quickly deploy them to production through CI/CD Pipelines—often, without considering existing architectural defects or knowing its potential for security vulnerabilities, leaving businesses exposed.

Zivaro embeds security and compliance into your DevOps practice by applying the same processes and tools DevOps specialists use to automate software delivery and infrastructure changes.

Secure and amplify your DevOps practice with Zivaro.

  • Enjoy the highly secure deployment of cloud services
  • Integrate security into the software development process
  • Continuously evolve security through automated techniques and achieve the goal of rapidly delivering high-quality, highly secure products
  • We continually monitor and measure security and performance
  • We ensure security is in perpetual lock-step with DevOps teams
  • Zivaro includes security as an integral component of the agile triangle
  • We catch security issues before software is released into the wild
  • Zivaro integrates security into all stages of the product lifecycle
  • We enable you to deliver safer software with higher speed and efficiency
  • We offer cloud-based services for software testing that can help to implement security end-to-end
  • Zivaro’s application security services and solutions provide a systematic and straight-forward approach to reducing risk in web, mobile, and third-party applications
  • Zivaro offers highly scalable, cloud-based services—we fix and find flaws in software at any point in the development lifecycle

What worked in the world of single-tenant application development, where a 12-month release cycle was the standard, and applications were deployed behind layers of security appliances, no longer works. In today’s multi-tenant world, any vulnerability could put millions of customers and the reputation of your business at risk.

Embed security into the core of your DevOps practice with our DevSecOps services.

Find DevSecOps nirvana with Zivaro.