Collaboration is at the heart of productivity and innovation in the digital age. Boost business performance and empower employees with illuminated solutions from Zivaro.

Nothing is more powerful than the human connection. Unleash the brilliance of your teams with cloud-based collaborative solutions powered by Zivaro.

In the digital era, to remain competitive businesses need their employees to be faster, smarter, and more productive. To achieve this goal, you must embed collaboration technologies into the fabric of your organization at every level.

Our best-in-class collaboration and Unified Communications solutions provide your teams with the foundation to meet, message, and call, allowing for business at the speed of innovation.

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The Case for Cloud-Based Contact Centers

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Why Collaboration—why Zivaro?

  • Anywhere, anytime access to meet your individualized business needs.
  • Zivaro delivers brilliance with a dedicated team of collaboration experts to assess your current state, build a bespoke communications strategy, and deliver the collaboration solutions your business needs to enhance productivity and empower employees.
  • Embrace the flexible work and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution by embedding collaboration into the processes and culture of your organization.
  • Save dollars by limiting, or, in some instances eliminating the need for costly business-related travel.
  • Transform the ways your employees turn knowledge into action and create new and illuminated ways for your teams to work.
  • Zivaro facilitates company-wide usage and adoption of collaboration and unified communications guiding your business to brilliance and unlocking the innovative potential of employees.
  • Leverage our elite professional services and IT consulting staff, dedicated to delivering value to SMB, enterprise and public sector organizations.
  • We are flexible, personable and ready to jump in when you need us.
  • Zivaro’s highly certified administrators, engineers, consultants and architects are prepared to guide your business to brilliance—we assess, act, and improve to create agility throughout the collaboration continuum.
  • Our team is adept at handling all manners of regulated environments, including HIPAA, PCI and FISMA frameworks and acts.


Unify all of your voice, video, data and mobile applications to provide consistency and dependability throughout all interactions.


Ensure safe and reliable access to data, applications and systems from employee devices to increase productivity and lower security risks.

Call Center

Improve customer interactions with a scalable solution combining traditional applications with real-time chat, email and web collaboration.


Reduce communication delays and facilitate decision-making by determining (and using) the most effective form of communication for each colleague.

IP Telephony

Empower your entire staff with consistent, highly secure and scalable communication services—no matter where they are in the world.


Empower your entire staff with consistent, highly secure and scalable communication services—no matter where they are in the world.

Securing Communications

Security is at the core of Zivaro’s solutions. We implement security mechanisms within the Unified Communications Manager system, to prevent identity theft of phones and the Unified Communications Manager server, as well as data tampering, and call-signaling/media-stream tampering.  

Zivaro’s multi-tiered Collaboration security solution establishes and maintains authenticated communication streams, digitally signs files before transferring the file to end points, and encrypts media streams and call signaling between IP Phones, applications and devices.

Innovation. Connection. Collaboration. Today’s business leaders know the first step to greatness is to provide a seamless platform for employees to excel—no matter where they are.

Empower business transformation and illuminate productivity with collaborative solutions from Zivaro.