Raytheon Partners with GTRI and Relevant Security to Better Secure Military and Government Communications

Denver, Colo. – January 19, 2009 – Global Technology Resources, Inc. (GTRI), a leading technology consulting firm in Denver, Colo., […]

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Denver, Colo. – January 19, 2009Global Technology Resources, Inc. (GTRI), a leading technology consulting firm in Denver, Colo., has partnered with Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems to further develop an innovative new security software from Relevant Security Corporation that guarantees continuous authentication and encryption of data between all nodes on any network.

The technology, known as Real Privacy Management (RPM), uses unique, modular arithmetic to mutually authenticate and secure each device on a network while securing every single bit of transmittable data in real-time without creating additional overhead. RPM is measurably more secure than other authentication and security technologies when embedded within systems or integrated into software.

This new authentication and security technology not only benefits Raytheon and GTRI, but it provides our customers with a new tool,” said Guy DuBois, vice president of Raytheon’s Operational Technologies and Solutions. “We help our protégés develop the most innovative technologies to provide our customers with cutting-edge technologies.”

RPM is the patented creation of Relevant Security Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of GTRI. The funding for the continued development of RPM has been made possible by a Department of Defense Mentor-Protégé Program agreement with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

We are very excited to receive funding through the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to help us pilot and refine this technology with Raytheon,” said Greg C. Byles, CEO of GTRI and Relevant Security. “Without the Mentor-Protégé program, this type of partnership would not exist and it would take much longer for these types of ground-breaking technologies to make it into leading military and government applications – and in some cases, even into the hands of U.S. soldiers on the front lines.”

The Mentor-Protégé Program is a highly selective program that partners promising small businesses with larger companies to help them successfully compete for prime contract and subcontract awards from the government. GTRI has been working with Raytheon as one of its “protégés” since 2007, and has since grown its annual revenue from $70 million to $200 million.

Working with Raytheon has helped us to shore up our market reach within the federal government, and help Raytheon remain a leader when it comes to bringing innovation to the federal markets,” said Byles.

About GTRI 

GTRI provides industry-leading consulting and technology services that help clients derive real business value from their technology investments. With deep foundations in both networking and data center technologies, we support clients across a broad spectrum of industries with IT strategy, planning, private and cloud architectures, implementation and IT operations. Learn more at dev.gtri.com.

About Relevant Security Corporation

Relevant Security Corporation provides technology (RPM) that offers continuous transaction authentication and security for data and electronic communications between all nodes on any network. Our patented technology delivers true scalability by utilizing small code size and superior computational efficiency, which solves the performance and security issues associated with today’s current applications. RPM is small enough, fast enough and efficient enough to perform continuous mutual authentication and security of all transactions in real-time on any device. For more information, visit www.rscorp.com.

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