Right-Sized IT Solutions for Mid-Sized Financial Institutions

Your financial institution can’t afford a security breach or even a second of downtime.

Today, financial services firms are a mouthwatering target for cybercriminals. Why? Because as a financial services leader, you’re responsible for volumes of sensitive customer, business, and employee data, making your institution an attractive target. 

And here’s a point you should consider: according to CIO Dive, financial firms were hit by cyberattacks 300 times more than other businesses in 2018. 

Cyberattacks are costly (often costing firms millions of dollars), and as a financial services leader, it’s your responsibility to devise innovative solutions that keep cybercriminals at bay. 

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Zivaro is here to help your financial institution stay safe and sound. We’re also here to give you a competitive edge.

Our Managed Services for Financial Institutions

Zivaro provides a full suite of managed IT services tailored specifically to the needs of today’s financial institutions. In addition, our tenured bench of engineers and security experts has every certification under the sun. So what’s that mean for you? 

It means you can trust that when you partner with Zivaro, your financial institution is covered from every threat, and you’ll never skip a beat. 

Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions

The finance sector sees more cybersecurity incidents than virtually all other industries today. Hackers, like all businesses and professionals, go where there is money. Financial gain is the primary motivating factor for today’s cybercriminals. 

We’ll help you stay safe and prepared for every threat with our suite of security solutions designed explicitly for financial institutions like yours. 

We understand the challenges today’s financial institutions face, and we’re here to help. 

Zivaro works with banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, financing organizations, payment processors, and credit unions. And we’ve been doing so for two decades. 

We’re familiar with the evolving needs and challenges of financial institutions. And we’ve delivered real-world outcomes for FIS clients, from security posture enhancement and complete Security Identity Event Management (SIEM) solutions to data center consolidations, applications/tools rationalizations, and Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN). 

We have a team of over 100 engineers across many disciplines. In addition, Zivaro is a Cisco Gold Partner with a Master Specialization in Enterprise Networking and Unified Communications.