Fortify your cyber frontlines with Zivaro and Rubrik.

Uncompromised. Resilient. Revolutionary. Defend your digital domain with Zivaro and Rubrik, your stalwarts against cyber threats.

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Rubrik: Your trusted partner in cybersecurity.

Rubrik provides robust and steadfast protection in the ongoing battle against cybercrime through its Zero Trust Data Security ™, ensuring the safety of your data.

Ransomware recovery plan:

Rubrik's robust defense mechanisms and recovery strategies equip your business to bounce back from ransomware attacks, maintaining operational continuity.

Data center security:

Rubrik shields your data, no matter where it resides – across the enterprise, in the cloud, or on SaaS platforms – forming an impenetrable line of defense against cyber threats.

Zivaro: Spearheading IT resilience.

Navigating the digital landscape can be a minefield. Zivaro’s IT services make the path clear and safe, giving you the confidence to stride forward.

Strategic IT infrastructure:

At Zivaro, we understand that every business's needs are unique. Our team designs tailor-made IT infrastructure solutions that align with your strategic objectives.

Expert technical support:

Our technical team is equipped with industry-leading knowledge and experience, ready to troubleshoot any IT challenges your business may face.

Unified strength: Zivaro and Rubrik.

Rubrik and Zivaro, recognized cybersecurity and IT services experts, form a formidable alliance to secure the world’s data. Trust in Rubrik’s unwavering cybersecurity defenses and Zivaro’s robust IT services to make your business impervious to cyber threats.

Secure your future with Zivaro and Rubrik.

With Zivaro’s IT expertise and Rubrik’s cybersecurity prowess, your business is well-equipped to face digital challenges.

Data protection:

Harness Rubrik's Zero Trust Data Security for resilient protection across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS data.

Ransomware recovery:

Be prepared for any cyberattack with our robust recovery plans, swiftly getting your business back on track.

Data center security:

Keep your data centers impervious to threats with our comprehensive security solutions.

Embrace the revolution in cybersecurity.

You can secure your digital world from emerging threats with Zivaro’s IT services and Rubrik’s staunch data protection. Step into the era of robust data resilience and rapid recovery.

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