We are living in a time of accelerated change. Digital technologies have opened the door to innovations and possibilities once unthinkable—but they’ve also made businesses more vulnerable.

In this era of hyper-connectivity, security threats are more prevalent and more disruptive than ever before. The emergence and rapid evolution of cloud consumption models and the explosion of mobile devices create both enormous opportunities and significant security and privacy risks. 

With the threat landscape continually expanding, contemporary security models require complete architectures, enterprise visibility, situational awareness, governance, automation, and a brilliant team of experts to face today’s security issues.

Zivaro is your safeguard against hidden threats concealed within the network. Because securely connecting people and technology is what we do.

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What does an illuminated security posture look like?


Foundational technology, tools and policies for a secure perimeter, core, and user protection.


Ongoing assessments of sanctioned and unsanctioned applications—Network and Security visibility and detection.


Situational awareness to identify and mitigate anomalous and malicious threats in your environment.


Automatic and orchestrated response systems and providers for maximum risk mitigation and threat containment.

Illuminated Resources and Brilliant Methodologies Powered by Zivaro

  • CISO-for-hire short-term assistance for strategic planning and oversight
  • Security blueprints, guidance, and technical architecture leveraging ISO 27001 and the NIST Cyber Security Framework
  • Benchmarking across a closed group of like vertical companies
  • Security health assessments
  • Strategic plans and roadmaps
  • Insider threat tools and policies
  • Penetration testing
  • Security dashboards and visualization
  • Managed security services
  • Budgeting and ROI analysis support

Security Program Strategy

Our team of certified experts develops a comprehensive security program strategy to provide your business with end-to-end cyber security—from the start.

Access & Identity

Deploying capabilities to prevent malware and/or unauthorized access to the network, workstations and servers.


We provide systems, tools, and policies for maximizing the identification and containment of threats, both inside and outside of your network.

Security Operations Management

Gain visibility, at all times, into the location of your most sensitive information and physical assets, with tools and processes developed and managed by Zivaro.

Application & Development Management

Zivaro works side-by-side with your development teams to ensure applications are developed securely and are continuously monitored for new vulnerabilities, out of the gate.


We align the Information Risk and Security Program with application and infrastructure teams for appropriate intelligence gathering, processing, and action.


Detailing a deep understanding of external threats, including what attackers may target and why, in conjunction with the continuously changing business environment.


Deploying the people, processes, and technologies needed to respond when a security incident occurs promptly, or an investigation is required.

Why choose Zivaro security?

  • Partnerships with leading OEMs and specialty security services providers.
  • Top VC partnerships and visibility into tomorrow’s security technologies
  • NIST & ISO 27001-based security strategy frameworks
  • Two decades of successful project execution for the government, military, healthcare, and commercial business
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System

We are your trusted advisor and partner in network security. Illuminate and protect your business against today’s cyber threats with Zivaro.