Paying it Forward with Splunk…Pays Off

GTRI has been fortunate to be a part of the greater Splunk ecosystem since 2012, and as I have mentioned in previous posts, we truly feel fortunate to be a part of such an amazing group of companies, agencies, partners and individuals across the globe. As 2016 drew to a close, we were interested in […]

Top 5 Most Popular Technical Blog Posts of 2016

It’s been an exciting year in enterprise technology, and we’ve covered much of it on the GTRI blog, including significant releases from vendors like Cisco and Splunk, and topics such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), DevOps, IPv6, and Security. Below you’ll find our five most popular technical blog posts of 2016. Visit the GTRI blog for […]

Splunk 6.5 Upgrades Core Platform User Experience

Can you remember the last time you got to experience the wonderful world of Disney without the screaming shroud of thousands upon thousands of little humans ogling over a talking mouse or some variant of a princess? All this while thinking to yourself, “If anything were to embody the definition of controlled frustration, it would […]

Rockin’ Splunk .CONF 2016

What do big data, analytics, Aerosmith and Mickey Mouse have in common? All of them were rocking Splunk’s seventh annual worldwide user’s conference, .CONF2016, at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. This being my fourth .CONF, I was especially excited to see how Splunk would “upstage” .CONF’s of years past with the move from Las […]

Splunk .conf2016: Learn how to Leverage Splunk’s Ecosystem for Your Own Products

I am excited to be a speaker at Splunk .conf2016 (#splunkconf16), which will be September 26-29 in Orlando, FL. I’ll be joining Michael Franke, Senior Director Product Management for SecureAuth Corporation, to discuss how their custom Splunkbase app improved their customers’ visibility into security data and response times to security incidents.

Fake It to Make It: Tips and Tricks for Generating Sample Splunk Data Sets

As you continue to work with Splunk and the number of underlying use cases within your organization grows, you will ultimately encounter a situation where you need to generate some “fake” data. Perhaps you need to create a visualization to use for a proof of concept; perhaps you are trying to master a specific search […]

Avoiding a “Train” Wreck: Getting the Most Out of Splunk

In a bit of a departure from our recent technical blog posts, I’d like to focus instead on getting the best value out of your Splunk investment. Many times, most of the effort is concentrated on getting data into Splunk with little regard to what end users need to know in order to use it […]

Getting Even More Data In: Splunking Outside the Box

In the last couple posts on this topic, Micah Montgomery gave an overview of getting data into Splunk, and Scott DeMoss gave an overview of getting data out of Splunk. In this post, I am going to go “outside the box” and cover how to use Splunk scripted inputs to get data from atypical sources […]

Going Beyond Security with Machine Data and Splunk ITSI

With all the focus and “hubbub” on network and data security, it becomes very easy for any organization to view a tool like Splunk as solely a security platform. Why wouldn’t they? The Splunk Enterprise Security platform, as well as the newer User Behavior Analytics (UBA) engine, can drastically increase any organization’s overall security posture, […]

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