The Many Ways SIEM Can Supercharge Your Hybrid Workforce

From 24/7 monitoring for threats to saving your business money, here’s how SIEM software can help a hybrid workforce thrive. […]

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From 24/7 monitoring for threats to saving your business money, here’s how SIEM software can help a hybrid workforce thrive.


It’s no mistake that managed SIEM software solutions are quickly becoming the norm in businesses. 

The push towards remote and hybrid work environments has made many IT solutions for monitoring cybercrimes obsolete, or at least far less effective than they were when everyone worked from one central location.

Here’s how SIEM tools can help a hybrid workforce, saving a business time and money and giving them peace of mind in the process.


What Does SIEM Stand For? 

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. Its job is to protect an organizations’ network, devices, and servers from real-time risks and security threats by generating event logs in a single interface for analysts to review.

SIEM monitoring tools allow security analysts to sift through massive amounts of data and generate further reports for IT professionals, which can then be used to suss out threats or make judgments about best hybrid IT practices moving forward.

What Do Managed SIEM Services Include?

  • Analyzation software (such as real-time data log analysis)
  • Organization-wide protection from security threats
  • Automation of security log and threat detection
  • Automatic report generation for in-house analysts

Why Do We Need SIEM?

SIEM tools have become more essential now that remote and hybrid workforces are a reality for many companies. Simply put, hybrid operations put a business at greater risk for security threats, and 24/7 monitoring helps protect a company’s sensitive data, network, and bottom line.

SIEM software also reduces training costs for your organization, eliminating the need to educate your staff on certain IT best practices. This is also useful for the emerging hybrid workforce, as in-person collaboration time is often sought for bigger picture topics and may not leave time for IT security training.


What Are the Benefits of Managed SIEM Services?

Consider some of these benefits of managed SIEM services. 

1. Save Resources

Automating your security information eliminates the time and financial obligations for staff, who can respond to threats as they happen instead of monitoring potentially hundreds of devices.

2. Save Time

SIEM tools filter and process this in a way humans simply can’t, freeing up time for your in-house IT professionals to focus on other essential tasks. 

3. Reduce IT Security Budget

SIEM software is a front-end investment. Though, solutions are typically created based on a business’s size and needs and can be adjusted as a company grows.

Eliminating staff training and reducing staff requirements for safety monitoring makes SIEM a savvy long-term investment.

4. Compliance

Businesses in specific industries, such as financial institutions or healthcare providers, fret constantly about evolving compliance demands for interacting with clients online. Managed SIEM services offer tools to keep you compliant and can even be leveraged when marketing your business.

5. Cyber Attack Prevention

According to Forbes, 18 cyber security attacks happen every minute in the U.S. That means roughly 26,000 potential breaches occur daily, which ultimately cost businesses billions of dollars per year. That data alone points to how SIEM tools are an investment.

6. 24/7 Monitoring

Remote working allows employees more flexible work schedules. Cybercrime, however, doesn’t sleep or work a nine to five. SIEM tools protect your business whether you’re in operation or taking some much-deserved time off.


Who Should Use SIEM?

Businesses in industries that undergo regular audits or compliance checks, such as banks, healthcare institutions, aerospace and defense, and manufacturing, can benefit greatly from adopting SIEM technology.

Because real-time behavior monitoring is so essential for success, the retail industry has been the largest adopter of SIEM tools to date.


Does An Organization That Uses a SIEM System Still Need a Human Analyst?

It doesn’t have to be an either-or—SIEMs free human analysts to respond more proactively to information. Instead of constantly monitoring for threats, professionals can save time and concentrate their energy on risks as they happen.

That said, the capability of these powerful security tools for hybrid workforces could potentially enable a business to scale back its analytics department. 


Learn how Zivaro’s managed SIEM solutions can help your business stay protected.

Learn how Zivaro’s managed SIEM solutions can help your business stay protected

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